Unfastened In A Sentence

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  • Jane unfastened the door.
  • She unfastened it and dropped it to the floor.
  • He unfastened the cord and repeated his question.
  • Then she unfastened the wrapping of the second package.
  • He unfastened the kitchen shutter and leaped in.
  • With fumbling fingers he unfastened the lid.
  • Drew unfastened his money belt and handed it over.
  • Finally the lock was unfastened and the gate swung out.
  • I unfastened it and found a considerable space within.
  • The driver unfastened his top and slid it backward.
  • He unfastened the door, and looked out into the fields.
  • He unfastened the flap and entered, panting for breath.
  • I unfastened my paint-box and went back to the old woman.
  • Charlie lit a match while Narcisse unfastened the door.
  • It is unfastened now, and I have found this lying by it.
  • Quickly she unfastened it and held it toward the outstretched hand.
  • Barbara unfastened the necklace and offered it to her aunt without a word.
  • Gray hurriedly unfastened him and led him towards the entrance to the gully.
  • The spy took a key from his pocket and unfastened a hidden lock.
  • He unfastened the buckle of the strap and opened one of the pocket-books.
  • He unfastened his coat and threw it open, glaring at her a little.
  • Will had hastily unfastened his camera, and held it in his hands as he spoke.
  • Not even a girder that could be unfastened in time to brace the last door.
  • He sat down again, drew it round to the front of him, and unfastened it.
  • I went to the window, unfastened the shutters, and pulled up the blinds.
  • Then, in feverish haste, she unfastened her bodice, and searched there.
  • Some one tried the door and then Alva sprang up and unfastened it.
  • As Hal spoke he unfastened his belt and tossed it on to a seat at the side.
  • He unfastened his fur cloak, and, as it was heavy, his wife assisted him.

How To Use Unfastened In A Sentence?

  • They are never unfastened from the sledge from one end of the journey to the other.
  • With dexterous fingers he unfastened the watch and chain and transferred them to his pocket.
  • I entered, and discovered closets and cabinets unfastened and emptied of all their contents.
  • With trembling fingers she took off her bonnet, and unfastened her hair from its plait.
  • He unfastened it and twisted it tight to the spikes, wrapping it close about one after the other.
  • She jerked the gag from his mouth, and unfastened the cords which bound his wrists.
  • Janet unfastened it, her fingers trembling with excitement, and spread it out on the table.
  • Then, he carefully unfastened the scorched cloth which formed that bag and examined its contents.
  • Yet he unfastened his coats with a fine air of unconcern, and turned back his ruffles carefully.
  • He got into the plane, unfastened the wire that held the plane to the track, and started down.
  • She stooped down, unfastened her shoes, and took them off; then she stole into the room.

Definition of Unfastened

Not fastened. | past participle of unfasten
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