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  • These sexagenarians are unfit for work in July.
  • But my mind was as yet unfit to retain any serious impression.
  • If there be several in an apple, they make it unfit for use.
  • It can well be imagined that a man physically unfit must soon succumb.
  • In Illinois more than half a million acres had become unfit for cultivation.

How To Use Unfit In A Sentence?

  • We were both exhausted by morning, unfit to cope with the problem of his funeral.
  • They had been doing some tall riding, and their livestock was simply unfit to go farther.
  • The first was a shrub of the kind called "camas," which thrives even in lands unfit for culture.
  • But Gunnlaug was then unfit to walk, because of his foot, though he would not let that be seen.
  • Catholic writers also declare Luther spiritually unfit for translating the Bible.
  • They were examined by the Camp Doctor, and released as unfit for military service.
  • The English parliament desired to make the Irish houses for ever unfit for self-government.
  • They threaten to render the country unfit for human habitation, except by the Deaf and Blind.
  • I am a straightforward man, Celia; and I am unfit for the care that has been thrown upon me.
  • When they finally were removed it was because they were worn out and quite unfit for further service.
  • A fortnight ago all who considered themselves unfit were invited to send their names in with a statement of the grounds of unfitness.
  • He was resolved to humiliate himself before this girl, to show her how absolutely unfit was the life of this land for such as herself.
  • One day she saw in the newspapers that colored women were becoming unfit to be servants for white people.
  • Even those who professed to translate new works of ancient learning were generally wholly unfit for the task.
  • Is it hereby become unfit for him to govern his subjects by laws, or any way admonish them of their duty?
  • No ponies carrying loads are allowed to cross the bridge, the roads east of this being unfit for beasts of burden.
  • You are unequal to the task: if you quarrel with me in the cause of a seducer, you are unfit to teach me the duties of a citizen.
  • There are narratives utterly unfit to be told; and the time will come when mankind will wonder that such a book was ever called inspired.
  • He had for twenty years ceased to practise at the bar, and the very different avocations of that long period may have tended to unfit him.
  • Since an unfit employment is a mistake, and a source of unhappiness, everyone is free to choose the work that suits his nature.
  • Here, but a month has elapsed, and these equestrian gymnastics have made a rider of a person, who at first may have appeared the most unfit for it.
  • Nature, which had done much to unfit me for deliberate coquetry, faltered in my voice; and stained my cheek with burning blushes.
  • An attempt must be made to repair the old muskets, and those which are unfit for use must be sent to Colombo.
  • There are many pages of these books unfit to read, many stories not calculated, in my judgment, to improve the morals of mankind.
  • Every one knew that he, along with other landlords, derived great revenues from indescribably malodorous tenements, unfit for human habitation.
  • As far as I know, however, all of them without exception were made unfit for use before this occurred.
  • The President declined to withdraw the nomination unless it could be made to appear that Simmons was an unfit man.
  • In case it is unfit for use the loss will be charged to the account of this Commandement, although it has to be borne by the Company all the same.
  • He had not the strength to write the masterpiece which the perverse cruelty of nature had permitted him only to see, and he was hopelessly unfit for journalism.
  • It was found that men who had passed through such an ordeal were practically useless for several days, and that sometimes they were rendered permanently unfit for service.
  • His materials, the psychical contents of consciousness, are by their nature unfit to enter into such necessary connections; they cannot do it because they cannot last.
  • Never before that moment had the scattering little one-story cabins of log and adobe seemed so small and insignificant, so unfit for human occupancy.
  • When the body becomes unfit to serve any longer as an abode and an instrument to the soul, the tie which was formed before or at the moment of birth is gradually loosened.
  • The psychological laboratory would, of course, be an entirely unfit place to struggle with diseases of which the chief symptoms are not psychophysical.
  • We should both have gone to inquire after your health if he had not been attacked with influenza, and unfit for anything until the days you mentioned as the probable term of your remaining in town had passed.

Definition of Unfit

Not fit; not having the correct requirements. | Not fit, not having a good physical demeanor. | To make unfit; to render unsuitable, spoil, disqualify.
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