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  • What a glorious panorama unfolds itself before us!
  • The truth unfolds itself gradually in time.
  • A ludicrous side plot unfolds at this point.
  • And, button by button, unfolds his coat.
  • When Nature unfolds her new livery of green.
  • Here as always he unfolds to us all that he knows about himself.
  • Thus a whole new vista of possibilities unfolds before the unions.

How To Use Unfolds In A Sentence?

  • But as the story unfolds there is no mistaking the likeness, in spite of the transfiguration.
  • On the slimy soil no small shrub uprears its head, no flowering plant unfolds its blossom.
  • It unfolds the relation between a widening Environment and increasing complexity in organisms.
  • The mass of houses, however, unfolds itself as you approach; the environs are low and monotonous.
  • He unfolds the principle according to which Life is high or low, long or short.
  • Her doctrines, as she one by one unfolds them, emerge upon us like petals from a half-closed bud.
  • These some admire, and value more than all, My humble verse, besides, unfolds to thee.
  • At first the astral body has so developed itself that it unfolds that which was present within it at birth as a germ.
  • It is a tensely moving study of the human heart and its aspirations that unfolds itself through thrilling situations and dramatic developments.
  • Your heart opened as involuntarily and as inevitably to receive him, as the flower unfolds itself to the noonday sun.
  • And now the steamer is ploughing in among the skerries, and a world of rocks and islets unfolds on every side.
  • First he lays down the principle, and then unfolds the principle in two ways, ecclesiastically and civilly.
  • So long as any nation truly lives, it unfolds its specific idea and lives according to its original type.
  • Saved from self and the dwarfed and stunted condition that will follow, his spiritual nature unfolds and envelops his entire life.
  • A knife which unfolds 200 blades for various purposes, matchless in workmanship, and a wonderful display of ingenuity.
  • The child's nature unfolds itself in play, and as man grows up, it develops itself in many forms.
  • At last my perseverance and their attention are rewarded, and the storekeeper takes from a shelf a dusty bundle, and carefully unfolds it.
  • Hunt in his beggar-man, in his forlorn children, and other pictures of the same class, unfolds a beauty that men should be thankful for.
  • Any body of truth that is living grows, and unfolds and becomes more clearly understood and more thoroughly grasped, as time wears on.
  • I want it for the sheer beauty; I want it for the tremendous panorama the sight of it unfolds in my mind.
  • The story of this cattleboat unfolds freshly before me again, out of the records of memory ... the pitiful suffering of the cattle ...
  • In these discourses, Dante shows his familiarity with history and philosophy; he unfolds that moral wisdom for which he is most distinguished.
  • Only the rational will is that universal principle which independently determines and unfolds its own being and develops its successive elemental phases as organic members.
  • Our difficulty in estimating the importance of the various factors that make for success or failure arises from our inability to see more than a small part of the scene as it slowly unfolds itself.
  • The good speaker is he who unfolds the whole of a question in its affirmative aspects, who presents these aspects in their just proportions, and according to their orderly and symmetrical deductions from each other.
  • He utters his voice in thunder and storm; he is possessed of irresistible energy which he unfolds in battle, and in which he causes his people to share when he goes before them to war.
  • Hence unfolds yet another charming view of the gray old castle, set amidst a breadth of feathery woodland that clusters under the lee of the sheltering hill.
  • We shall now turn for a moment to the Epistles, and see the wondrous way in which the Holy Ghost unfolds and applies the fact of resurrection.
  • But the bright side of the story of the Irish in Australia and New Zealand unfolds in the subsequent years.
  • Democracy has its great career, for the first time, in our national being, and exhibits here most purely its formative powers, and unfolds destiny on the grand scale.

Definition of Unfolds

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of unfold
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