Unforeseen In A Sentence

How To Use Unforeseen In A Sentence?

  • It was carried on under great discouragements and hardships and unforeseen difficulties.
  • Does not the fact of special intervention imply some unforeseen difficulty that has arisen?
  • Increased intelligence assures perpetuation of other species in novel and unforeseen conditions.
  • The telegraph companies have to suffer damages from all these and many other unforeseen causes.
  • She became quite ill when she discovered any unforeseen gap in her information.
  • The hare in this case but thought how best to meet this unforeseen and disastrous turn to events.
  • Like other movements for reform, it is often carried by its own momentum into unforeseen excesses.
  • But she knew that in a strange, unforeseen way their quarrel had hurt her inexplicably.
  • But the ambition of the chiefs had been directed, by unforeseen circumstances, elsewhere.
  • In the happiest marriages there are many adjustments, unforeseen before the wedding, to be made.
  • During the unfolding of events, therefore, unforeseen subsidiary problems will probably arise.
  • Such unforeseen aspects, in this mysterious city, do the most ordinary domestic functions wear.
  • It was just the one straw too much, this unforeseen encounter, with the smile upon her lips.
  • Know, verily, that an unforeseen calamity followeth you, and grievous retribution awaiteth you.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unforeseen | Unforeseen Sentence

  • Then the unforeseen happened.
  • Tis an unforeseen delay.
  • Another unforeseen expense!
  • This was an unforeseen tag to the entertainment.
  • An unforeseen event had occurred.
  • Here he encountered an unforeseen delay.
  • And now an unforeseen consequence began to arise.
  • The one unforeseen thing had happened.
  • A fortunate and unforeseen occurrence saved her.
  • For their unforeseen attacks contribute to their success.
  • An unforeseen honour, indeed!
  • But speedily another unforeseen complication arose.
  • Our arrival at Gronau was no unforeseen event.
  • Malice of the devil, causes unforeseen accidents, 24, 25.
  • This was the unforeseen conclusion of all my great expectancies!
  • The coming of the priest had been unforeseen and unfortunate.
  • And indeed it was only by an unforeseen accident that he was solitary.
  • Sarella's unforeseen tenderness been her own gift to her?
  • The unforeseen course of events crystallised the idea into a policy.
  • And what could there be new and unforeseen except the detection of their plot?
  • An unforeseen breakdown on the way had delayed him by twenty-four hours.
  • But what if some rude hand, some unforeseen chance, awake it?
  • But here arose, contrary to all expectations, quite an unforeseen obstacle.
  • George took the chair, frowning, altogether unhappy in his unforeseen victory.
  • But, half-way in, he stopped, confounded by an unforeseen difficulty.
  • The air of the unforeseen blows on one from the roadless passes of the Atlas.

Definition of Unforeseen

Not foreseen. | Not expected. | An event, incident, cost, etc. that was not foreseen.
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