Unforgivable In A Sentence

How To Use Unforgivable In A Sentence?

  • Mark, after all, had done him no harm, but Cayley had committed an unforgivable offence.
  • The unforgivable offence in him is, that he wished to set up Priests over the head of Kings.
  • But neither Fielding nor Daudet is guilty of sentimentality, the one unforgivable crime in art.
  • He had taken what he should have seen before was an unforgivable line; he had failed abominably in comprehension and decent feeling.
  • Even more unforgivable was the fact that he had not cared a rap whether his child lived or died of starvation: that she could never forget.
  • A sordid, callous, cold-blooded crime of a type that is to me utterly unforgivable and incapable of extenuation.
  • It seemed to her quite clear that the only unforgivable sin she could commit would be to permit Harboro to die for her sake.
  • He had ranked himself with the unforgivable party: the old man was an old fool, a gull whose power of swallow stirred disgust.
  • One would not be irreverent, but if this woman were convicted of the unforgivable sin she could explain it and obtain justification rather than pardon.
  • And worst and most unforgivable of all, she had not been told that Make-Way-There was to be galloped that morning.
  • She never would forgive him for that blundering outburst, which was indeed the more unforgivable because he did not seriously mean, and certainly did not believe, the thing he said.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unforgivable | Unforgivable Sentence

  • It would be an unforgivable cruelty.
  • It would have been an unforgivable military blunder.
  • It was, she considered, an unforgivable insult.
  • To the medieval mind faithlessness in love was the one unforgivable crime.
  • This is her unforgivable sin, the attempt to sunder the body from the soul.

Definition of Unforgivable

Not forgivable; inexcusable.
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