Unfortunate In A Sentence

How To Use Unfortunate In A Sentence?

  • This is the story of the unfortunate affair as my father-in-law tells it to me.
  • I believe you have an unfortunate love for me, and are jealous of our young friend.
  • For the protection of his life and no more, the unfortunate gentleman had to leave the country.
  • It is like the military luxury attributed to these unfortunate sufferers in our common cause.
  • It is a very interesting tract, and contains many personal allusions to its unfortunate author.
  • Yet, this unfortunate young man lacked the spirit of life found residing in every human.
  • The pride of conquering difficulties is the unfortunate disposition with which he undertook to solve it.
  • Between the hummocks was a slimy, black ooze that covered the bones of more than one unfortunate animal.
  • It transpired that she was in the position so unfortunate in France of having been obliged to divorce her husband.
  • In a word, she bullied the unfortunate gentleman unmercifully, and he kissed the rod with infatuation.
  • His triumphant look, and the desolate condition of the unfortunate girl, left me no doubt of her fate.
  • The unfortunate woman had crossed the stepping-stones in order to bring back her geese, which had strayed to the other side.
  • The unfortunate man lay half in the mysterious chamber and half in the hall, just as he must have fallen when the stone struck him.
  • Among those unfortunate persons who were condemned to be food for the serpents was the son of a blacksmith named Gavah.
  • Therefore, although these unfortunate mutinies had somewhat complicated the case, it would never do to blench at so critical a moment.
  • Big Jim was a cowboy with a more than local fame for reckless daring, as well as for his unfortunate appetite for strong drink.
  • John Godolphin expelled the unfortunate owner from the Islands and he could obtain no further redress.
  • It was unfortunate that with this question rapidly approaching a crisis the State Department was in feeble hands.
  • Suppose you write me a formal letter just stating the facts, the unfortunate facts, which I will be able to forward.
  • If this is not done, he would be the victim of as great a robbery as was perpetrated on the unfortunate landlords by the Land Act.
  • Peter and Becky made a simultaneous dive at the unfortunate Bob, who had begun whistling with a great show of unconcern.
  • A simple stone, upon which I have carved a cross, still stands to remind the passer-by of the sin of a most unfortunate man.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unfortunate | Unfortunate Sentence

  • The unfortunate mate hung his head.
  • I know that you will assist an unfortunate friend.
  • God be merciful to me, unfortunate man!
  • You do not know how unfortunate I have been.
  • The whole is a most unfortunate display of the vulgar historical.
  • There was no use of the unfortunate airplane trying to escape.
  • Even my unfortunate first love was but a delusion of my imagination.
  • In the meantime the unfortunate fellow was despatched to the county gaol.
  • With courage born of fear they prodded and beat the unfortunate monster.
  • He had left the manuscript of his unfortunate play in the North.
  • The unfortunate must look up to such a lady, sure, as a mother.
  • It is the first time that I have been unfortunate in my travelling servant.
  • The unfortunate Inca and most of his family were cruelly put to death.
  • The unfortunate Orr was hanged, and the result quite pleased the chancellor.
  • But I have been unfortunate again; I wanted the part of the adventuress.
  • And, in truth, Lizaveta Ivanovna was a very unfortunate creature.
  • Since the ill-judged and unfortunate invasion by Sultan Osman II.
  • How unfortunate all this is--that horrid, horrid old man.

Definition of Unfortunate

not favored by fortune | marked or accompanied by or resulting in misfortune | An unlucky person; one who has fallen into bad circumstances.
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