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  • There was one advantage in taking this unfrequented route.
  • Slavin led them through the town by dark and unfrequented streets.
  • Children began to know that daisies blew in unfrequented corners.
  • The unfrequented cabin already mentioned seemed to them a most favorable spot.
  • I was glad it was getting dark, and that we were in an unfrequented road.
  • A single glance at her, lying in so unfrequented a place, was enough.
  • Within an unfrequented wood: The babes did quake for fear!
  • Within an unfrequented wood, The babes did quake for fear!
  • True, the One Merciful heard not in that wild, unfrequented region.
  • An unfrequented Place, on the Outskirts of a Wood, without the Walls.

How To Use Unfrequented In A Sentence?

  • Now, what are you doing with a loaded cart on this unfrequented road at this time of night?
  • Now and then one of the godless would slip away northward for a drive on some unfrequented road.
  • They commenced without reason, led through unfrequented paths, then closed for no cause.
  • He resides temporarily (as a prisoner in the quarries?) in the unfrequented island of Patmos.
  • His voice had some quality in it which seemed to arouse a response deep in the unfrequented places of her mind.
  • They were alone in an unfrequented country, and the deceiver pushed the girl into the lake to get rid of her to marry his sweetheart.
  • This place was as wild and unfrequented as the thickest part of the wood, and on that account a duck had chosen to make her nest there.
  • As day began to break, emerging from some wood in an unfrequented road, they entered the village they sought.
  • I came to know the unfrequented paths, the trackless parts of the bush, the wastes where people do not often go.
  • Notwithstanding this, however, the native succeeded in tracking the footsteps of one man to the unfrequented side of a pond at some distance.
  • A spirited account of a remarkably pleasant vacation spent in an unfrequented part of northern Spain.
  • She spent a delightful two hours in the great park, losing herself in its farthest, shadiest, and most unfrequented corners.
  • Her hands tightened on the rail; suddenly she let it go, and led the way toward the unfrequented district of the south side.
  • A lady, with whom we are acquainted, was walking early one morning in a lonely and unfrequented path, which was open to the eye for some distance.
  • There was a quiet, a solace, in the unfrequented paths and woodsy corners of the upper boundaries of the Park.
  • They sally out of their own borders, in the night, in troops, through unfrequented bye-ways, and many intricate windings.
  • Several roads lead north through beautiful country, covered by lonely and unfrequented woodlands, to the Mardens.
  • That mongst these desert unfrequented rocks Thou can imadgine such a thing can be As that which you call safety?
  • She was always an ardent canoeist, ran many strange rivers, crossed many a lonely lake, and camped in many an unfrequented place.
  • On Sunday morning our quiet little road, unfrequented even by the ubiquitous automobile, is gay with church-goers.
  • When all is prepared the band sets off and marches incessantly till within a few miles of where the chupao is to commence, and then halts in some unfrequented spot to rest their camels.
  • They lay five miles south of the turnpike, close to the Loudon and Hampshire railroad, and along both sides of an unfrequented lane.
  • When she reached the end of the garden, she opened the little gate which gave access to an unfrequented road from which one had an extensive view of the surrounding country.
  • Sedley suppressed his apprehensions, and coolly answered, he had reconnoitred the outside, and believed he had never seen a more desolate and unfrequented spot.
  • Solitude and secrecy being strictly enjoined to the Vamis, they invariably celebrate their rites at midnight, and in most unfrequented and private places.
  • They know every field-cut and by-path for miles, and are as much aware as their masters that county constables have a nasty habit of loitering about unfrequented lanes at daybreak.
  • If they were at home he rarely went in, if he did he crept round unfrequented paths, the byeways of the gardens, and hid himself under the fig trees, as it were.

Definition of Unfrequented

Not frequented.
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