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How To Use Unfurl In A Sentence?

  • But, alas! the wind had died away, and in vain did they unfurl their sails, and set their rudder.
  • I saw them unfurl their snowy sails and speed over the blue waters bound for the shores of other climes.
  • It revels in the sunshine, and not until the morning is well advanced does it begin to unfurl its tightly rolled petals.
  • These gradually open, and at dawn the buds unfurl their crumpled petals to the day, exhaling a pleasant fragrance.
  • In the midst of this death-like quiet, Samuel carried his corn to the mill nearest his own residence, and requested the miller to unfurl his sails.
  • Now is the time to unfurl it to the breeze, and let the good people of Barrington see that they are not the only ones who can rejoice over this glorious news.

Definition of Unfurl

To unroll or release something that had been rolled up, typically a sail or a flag. | (figuratively) To roll out or debut anything. | (intransitive) To open up by unrolling.
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