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How To Use Unfurling In A Sentence?

  • Then the scene changed, and he saw himself at the Pole unfurling the Union Jack!
  • To me, these tiny leaves are a sight comparable to the opening and unfurling of the various varieties of the grape.
  • She was drawing on her tan gloves now, and unfurling a parasol of tussore silk with a heavy lace fall.
  • Another succeeds him, stepping proudly, gracefully, furling and unfurling a handkerchief like a banner.
  • The sky was unfurling before him its most precious colours, all the tones of red and gold and orange, reminding him of the palette he had put away.
  • She leans back in her chair, and, once again unfurling the huge black fan she carries, waves it to and fro.
  • Myra, very white, with eyelids lowered, leaned against the mantelpiece; slowly furling and unfurling the ivory fan.
  • June is heralded on right and left by the unfurling of blue-flags, and the eyebright blue winks and blinks as it awakens in the dazzling July sun.

Definition of Unfurling

present participle of unfurl | The act by which something is unfurled.
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