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  • In leaped the whole ungainly form.
  • He collided violently with a strange ungainly figure.
  • Such an odd, ungainly figure!
  • Poor, sick, ungainly child!
  • He felt a sudden kinship for this huge, ungainly woman.
  • The ungainly length of Lincoln appeared.
  • The animal is of bulky proportions and somewhat ungainly movements.
  • I cannot sit this ungainly brute much longer in these clothes.
  • One who saw it could never again think of caribou as ungainly animals.
  • Some of the sweetest of faces may be seen framed in this ungainly gear.
  • Swaying motion began, and he knew his ungainly steed was underway.
  • The idea of a tall ungainly grate would utterly dispel all ideas of romance.
  • For all his ungainly and unpleasant gait, Martin covered ground fast.
  • The boy cast a quick glance at the somewhat ungainly figure of Father John.
  • The man, Klaas Stuurmann, is a Boer of loose, ungainly frame.

How To Use Ungainly In A Sentence?

  • Beside this was an ungainly side-wheeler with scarce a line of beauty to commend it.
  • In these formative years of ungainly figure and uncertain dreaming the poet grows out of the boy.
  • She looked, indeed, as if she owed people an apology for her somewhat ungainly appearance.
  • The Arab flew through the air like an ungainly bird and slammed into the farther wall.
  • Already," a shudder shook his tall ungainly form, "I see blood, blood, blood everywhere!
  • It was marvellous to see such agility and obedience to the wish of the rider on such ungainly monsters.
  • Even if a man had no carriage of his own, what inducement could he have to take so ungainly a conveyance.
  • For this pitiful, ungainly little figure only two in all the world had any feeling other than contempt.
  • It was a sign of the esteem in which the ungainly young man was held that those older than himself should unanimously propose him for their leader.
  • The does are without antlers, and are still more ungainly than the long-legged and apparently awkward males.
  • Save for the minutes when he consciously gave his attention to the ungainly young waiter, he disregarded him completely.
  • Great treads set far out on each side of the squat, ungainly body preserved it against overturning.
  • The admiration of a man so splay and ungainly was in itself insulting, when it became so enterprising as to propose marriage.
  • Under this punishment the ungainly soldier rose with difficulty, then bent down and began to collect the overturned oats.
  • For surely nothing could be more unmeaning or more ungainly than the monumental urn, unless it be the monumental obelisk.
  • His next venture was a bedroom looking-glass, the stand of which stuck out from his back in an ungainly fashion.
  • I had never in my life ridden one of these ungainly brutes, and it was necessary for the driver to instruct me in the art.
  • He was clad only in his long night-dress, and his swollen ankles and ungainly feet protruded starkly from beneath it.
  • He paced up and down the cage for the full space of an hour, hanging his ungainly head between his shoulders in abandonment to despair.
  • Tawdry details came back of stove and littered table and ungainly chairs, and of swollen hands and swollen eyes.
  • Glen, too, was kicking the sides of his ungainly steed, and yelling at him in a perfect frenzy of excitement.
  • The ideal view of the structure is obtained from midway on that ungainly bridge which spans the Loire at this point.
  • Its murky air, ungainly factories and buildings generally, impress the stranger with its intensely practical spirit.
  • Suddenly casting his eyes about, they fell upon an ungainly form stretched on a lounge, that made us all start.
  • The foal repeated its ungainly efforts, whimpering in a deep and muffled voice, like the wind in a cave.

Definition of Ungainly

Clumsy; lacking grace. | Difficult to move or to manage; unwieldy. | (obsolete) Unsuitable; unprofitable.

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