Ungrammatical In A Sentence

How To Use Ungrammatical In A Sentence?

  • With many a hackneyed wile, With ungrammatical lips, And corns that mar her trips!
  • With many a hackneyed wile, With ungrammatical lips, And corns that mar her trips.
  • When he leaves the passions of the heart for the passions of the mind he becomes obscure, ungrammatical and false.
  • Rickie was prepared to find his old schoolfellow ungrammatical and bumptious, but he was not prepared to find him peevish.
  • Rhetorical faults, and even ungrammatical expressions, are constantly overlooked, and illegibility has almost come to be regarded as an essential characteristic.
  • She long since had spread the information throughout the State that his mountain idioms and ungrammatical lapses were affectations to catch the uneducated voter.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ungrammatical | Ungrammatical Sentence

  • Jim demanded with ungrammatical haste.
  • Page 278, ungrammatical construction "The men takes" retained.

Definition of Ungrammatical

(linguistics) In violation of one or more of the rules and conventions of a language as defined by the grammar, resulting in unacceptable, or incorrect, usage.
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