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  • Nor are uniforms alone subject to scrutiny.
  • Military uniforms were glancing about in every direction.
  • Their uniforms looked strange and uncouth.
  • Those are not the uniforms of France.
  • The German Emperor has more uniforms than the Pope.
  • We haven't even our uniforms on.
  • The uniforms of France, Great Imperial France, are done.
  • His clothing was on the skimpy side when uniforms were subtracted.
  • We dressed in the uniforms and proceeded to paint the settlement red.
  • You see policemen with uniforms on, and other people like that.
  • The uniforms were almost ludicrous, so ill-fitting and casual.
  • These Austrian uniforms won't come in bad.
  • Other men, who looked like mere lads, wore new army uniforms proudly.

How To Use Uniforms In A Sentence?

  • It would not have been an easy task had they not worn the uniforms of aviators.
  • The field about me was literally covered with the blue uniforms of our dead and wounded men.
  • They loved their gay black and white uniforms and sorrowed at the thought of parting with them.
  • Wave after wave of them come across in their field gray-blue uniforms and they never cower.
  • And these uniforms must necessarily be small uniforms, for they were for small figures.
  • Powerful, magnificently built fellows they were, all in uniforms of different designs.
  • The old coloured plates of distinguished gentlemen in dazzling uniforms still hung on the walls.
  • Some of the foreign uniforms are very striking and the French love a military show.
  • You pass trains of troops, but the uniforms are quiet, the men jovial and unwarlike.
  • A number of his warriors attended him, and he was very much interested in our various uniforms and appointments.
  • The well-worn summer uniforms of his men were no protection even against the coolness of autumn nights.
  • His gaze flickered over the arms and shabby uniforms of the soldiers with hate and fear in it mingled with a piteous cringing.
  • After long exposure to weather, blue uniforms did not differ much from gray, and his own was now covered with mud.
  • Their bodies were enclosed in their gas-tight uniforms whose ugly head-pieces served only to conceal the greater ugliness beneath.
  • As yet there was no cold except the usual sharpness of autumn nights; but the summer uniforms of the troops were tattered and their shoes worn.
  • He had never seen anything like the magnificence of the uniforms of the Emperor's staff.
  • They were in uniforms of all colours, blue, white, and brown, but each man dirtier than his neighbour.
  • Their coats were ragged and faded, as in truth were all the uniforms in our army, but enough of the color was left to allow no room for doubt.
  • An officer entered a restaurant where a group of English soldiers in khaki uniforms were enjoying their cigarettes and pipes.
  • They rode in the royal victoria, drawn by four horses, accompanied by numerous outriders in gala uniforms and on caparisoned horses.
  • Men in khaki uniforms are more conspicuous; and bandaged heads, slung arms, and legs assisted by crutches are more noticeable than formerly.
  • Their reins hung loose, and their attitudes were negligent and easy, but all wore the uniforms of Continental soldiers.
  • Jerry Sturgeon, captain at the age of twenty-one, and so damned pretty in those fancy uniforms he wears.
  • The crackling fire swelled again into a volley, and the red blur made by the uniforms of the advancing English became dimmer.
  • With the completely washed out Serbian uniforms mixed the brilliant colors of those of the Montenegrin guard.
  • Only the brilliant sunlight made their uniforms distinguishable, but they were, beyond a doubt, the troops of the Union.
  • Behind followed the French in "gay white uniforms faced with green," and martial music throbbed the air.

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plural of uniform
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