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  • We have the unimpeachable evidence that they actually did.
  • The right of the constituency to return me is an unimpeachable right.
  • The young man had come to him with unimpeachable credentials to that effect.
  • He was a good orator and of unimpeachable integrity and lofty character.
  • All the instances to be related are given upon unimpeachable authority.

How To Use Unimpeachable In A Sentence?

  • Are we to believe this apparently unimpeachable and disinterested witness, or are we not?
  • This is the unimpeachable evidence of the numerous and varied facts which I have set forth.
  • Our firm is one of unimpeachable standing which follows as a natural result from years of square-dealing.
  • He could neither read or write; so on one occasion when he was accused of forgery he brought forward unimpeachable evidence in his favour.
  • Aunt Janet had gone to hospital to carry unimpeachable jelly to the several patients and dubious words of cheer.
  • The silvery voice within it is the product of a paragon among timepieces, a most superior instrument, of unimpeachable construction and great cost.
  • Let us hear the testimony of another living and unimpeachable witness about this peace of the soul, before, during, and after auricular confession.
  • Yet it is nevertheless tolerably certain from other evidence of an unimpeachable kind that Jeremiah Smith was speaking the truth.
  • A coach-and-six, of course, and pin-money and furbelows and in the end a mausoleum with unimpeachable Latin on it!
  • A few quotations from unimpeachable witnesses, travelers of wide knowledge of the Orient, may be given in illustration and proof of this view.
  • The contention was perfectly unimpeachable from the artistic point of view; but we aim, I trust, at being something more than picturesque.
  • Assuming this distributing function as her own and proper one, the only condition essential to its proper fulfilment was the maintaining of an absolutely unimpeachable coinage.
  • Jerome is an unimpeachable witness that his saintly and noble friend St. Paulina lived and died without having ever thought of going to confess.
  • We wound up our first part with a draft on parochial records; and we enter on our second part with a further taxation of the same fruitful and unimpeachable source.
  • We of the present are in the habit of acknowledging the autonomy of science, and the unimpeachable validity of the results of experimental research in so far as they are sanctioned by the consensus of experts.
  • I was informed upon unimpeachable authority that the original, actual hook of the adventure had been stolen many years previously by some practical joker.
  • So the contest was arranged and a jury of unimpeachable character selected, and two nights later the pies were brought proudly in and in turn sampled.
  • Resistance of such a pure and steady character, conducted with meek fortitude, and supported by unimpeachable wisdom, was too dangerous an offence to be forgiven.
  • This is an astounding fact, bearing the most unimpeachable testimony to the very lamentable deterioration of the Hindoo ecclesiastical class in our days.
  • His fingers shook as he held the sheet nearer the window for a final effort to untangle the incredible thing that lay before him in simple, unimpeachable black and white.
  • But Francesco, wearily, yet with an unimpeachable politeness, staved him off, and requested that Lanciotto might be sent to attend him.
  • He dwelt upon the unimpeachable reputation of the prisoner, upon the utter improbability of his having stolen the diamond, or bought it, knowing it to be stolen.
  • They are recorded on the unimpeachable evidence of his elder brother, and some of them were even narrated by Gordon himself to his niece nearly thirty years after they happened.

Definition of Unimpeachable

Not able to be impeached or reproached. | Blameless. | Beyond doubt.
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