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  • It was the ex-bank clerk, the young subaltern with the uninspired face.

How To Use Uninspired In A Sentence?

  • An inspired book should certainly excel all the books produced by uninspired men.
  • Montague had a vague idea that he had seen that well-groomed uninspired face in some bank.
  • If the teacher is only the text-book orally delivered, the teacher is an uninspired machine.
  • He scorned the ordinary uninspired cook's manner of turning the half-baked cake.
  • But of such uninspired workmanship the gilding after a while wears off, the externally imparted perfume surely evaporates.
  • I could make you see it then; but what can a poor uninspired one do with a pen, some ink, and a sheet of paper?
  • What he imparted to the Editor were no emotions, but mere facts conveyed in a deliberate voice and in uninspired words.
  • It was her custom to read the Bible from duty, and then turn to these uninspired volumes for the kindling of a higher devotion.
  • The best office of the best poets has been to show how low and uninspired was their general style, and that only once or twice they have struck the high chord.
  • Again some become very proficient from the technical standpoint, but are barren, soulless, uninspired and vapid when it comes to the artistic and musicianly interpretation of a piece.
  • The student must be taught to think about his interpretations and if this point is missed and he is permitted to give conventional, uninspired performances he need never hope to play artistically.
  • The one really noble passage in a generally feeble and incomposite piece of work is, however, uninspired by the unattainable model to which the dramatists have been only too obsequious in their subservience.

Definition of Uninspired

Lacking inspiration; dull or dry | simple past tense and past participle of uninspire
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