Unintended In A Sentence

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  • There was an unintended touch of scorn in her voice.
  • The unintended irony of the first words drew a bitter smile to his lips.

How To Use Unintended In A Sentence?

  • Somebody explained, and the subject dropped, but I was not a little gratified by the unintended compliment.
  • And we may trace the following results of heresy, quite unintended by itself, in its operation on the Church.
  • Cosden laughed so spontaneously that Thatcher looked up quickly, trying to grasp the unintended humor in his last remark.
  • The chances are great that many unintended bad effects slip in and that not a few hysterias may be created by a method at the first glance so startling.
  • Travelling on the same road, and in somewhat of the same proverbial rhythm, this is very curious; whilst it certainly acquits me of even unintended and unconscious plagiarism.
  • Even this small and wholly unintended affront worked in the poor, misjudging victim of morbid self-esteem, as a cinder in the eye will torture and blind the sufferer to all the landscape.

Definition of Unintended

Not intended; unplanned
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