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How To Use Uninviting In A Sentence?

  • Along the uninviting uniformity of this street no trace of unorthodoxy was to be seen.
  • It was an uninviting place to stay, but as there was no other we had to make the best of it.
  • The exterior was most uninviting in a vicious shade of red paint with white trim.
  • When the piano was opened, the black and white keys appeared cold and uninviting to the touch.
  • I will show you what the site of these uninviting modern places was like, a hundred years ago.
  • Behind them great mountains, hacked and furrowed in their outline, offered an uninviting prospect.
  • Apparently he presented an uninviting aspect, for Jackson hesitated in his rush.
  • Rain was falling in sheets, and the world seemed a cold, cheerless, uninviting place.
  • Hams there were, and dried bacon, and dirty brown biscuits, and uninviting pickled cabbage.
  • A brisk drying with the borrowed towels, a return to their uninviting togs and they were ready to be off.
  • The ranges are composed of ferruginous sandstone and quartz conglomerate, and as to vegetation are of a very uninviting aspect.
  • He is unhappy and despondent, his viewpoint changes and the future looks uninviting and he loses his courage and his faith in himself.
  • He fancied there would not be much left in that bottle when the poor broken-down gentleman stumbled into his uninviting bed.
  • A young man, it is admitted, may find his home uninviting through causes for which he has not himself to blame.
  • With the simple courtesy which was so much a part of him, the latter had thrust his guest into the only chair his uninviting quarters afforded.
  • We were reluctant to proceed too far in this subject, which, to the generality of readers, is an uninviting one.
  • The uninviting little kitchen seemed to him the center of a drab and dismal world, in which could never be aught of happiness for him or his.
  • Across the front, which faced southwest, had been built a low apology for a veranda on which a couple of uninviting chairs stood.
  • Yet uninviting as the fish looked, the boys all pronounced it good eating when, in the morning, they had it for breakfast.
  • That magician, the sun, hearing the approach of spies, had transformed his fairy palace into a bare and uninviting wilderness.
  • The country through which we passed was a dense pine forest, sandy soil, and quite desolate, very uninviting to an invading army.
  • At the end of each monotonous, wearisome day he jogged stiffly to the uninviting stables, where he was roughly ushered into a dark, damp stall.
  • It proved to be an uninviting place, with a sawdust-covered floor, and half-a-dozen small tables arranged along one side.
  • The great lesson to be learned by the geographer in these uninviting regions as they seem to most people relates to the way in which the rocks have been eroded.
  • Upon the uninviting mattresses were carefully folded together those blankets which a great modern humorist has aptly compared to cold buckwheat cakes.
  • The whole scene was so extremely uninviting that I regretted having come so far, and suggested to Bagsby the propriety of an immediate retreat.
  • We gave a bound and a rush, and in another second we were all down on our stomachs sucking up the uninviting fluid as though it were nectar fit for the gods.
  • Accordingly the horsemen turned away from the trail they had been following and after fifteen minutes of tortuous riding, made camp on the other side of a particularly uninviting wall of rock.
  • It is one of those uninviting bulky folios of which the reigns of James and Charles I. furnish us with so many specimens.
  • We crossed the bridge and drove through part of the Trastevere, which certainly looked remarkably dark and uninviting on this lovely summer afternoon.
  • He lit the cheap oil lamp on his table, seated himself in the unstable old basket-chair beside his uninviting bed, and settled himself for a third perusal of his letter.
  • With a muttered anathema on the unknown Mr. Graves and the unrestful life of a locum tenens, I stepped into the uninviting vehicle.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Uninviting | Uninviting Sentence

  • It was an uninviting coast.
  • The girl shivered and went slowly to her uninviting couch.
  • I continued, not heeding her frigid, uninviting air.
  • The companions peered through the door at the uninviting interior.
  • The enclosure was as bare and uninviting as a military training camp.
  • He hurried away, and passed down the uninviting stairs at a run.
  • He took out some of the dry uninviting scraps and laid them close to Lumley.

Definition of Uninviting

Not welcoming; not attractive.
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