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How To Use Unique And In A Sentence?

  • In their unique and original binding they make an attractive novelty for a present.
  • She was unique, and fascinated them in the way she was one of them and yet apart.
  • Professionally speaking, it was his hand that made his personality unique and enviable.
  • This striking anecdote is unique, and probably founded on an authentic incident.
  • Her beauty was unique, and even in an assembly of lovely women she would have attracted attention.
  • The "palace" proved to be a patchwork shanty of the most unique and surprising description.
  • One of them had done a thing so unique and beautiful that I cannot refrain from alluding to it.
  • This collection is varied, unique and valuable; and withal, exceedingly interesting.
  • His character, too, was unique and original; hence we are never weary of discussing him.
  • The mountain regions of the South present an unique and promising field of effort.
  • And that was the last time I appreciated the unique and peaceful charm of this outlandish spot.
  • His Holiness Christ was also a unique and single personage born of the lineage of Israel.
  • They were all loud in their expressions of rapture at the unique and lovely things which she exhibited to them.
  • It is profusely illustrated and forms an unique and important addition to our poultry literature.
  • In this way we have pointed out unique and definite properties in nature which correspond to perpendicularity.
  • A swinging festival is very unique and interesting, but is quite complicated and has to be seen to be understood.
  • It is something entirely distinct, and its relations to the life of the cell are unique and marvelous.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unique And | Unique And Sentence

  • Unique and valuable articles!
  • It was a sight unique and bewildering.
  • Both after a manner were unique and unsurpassed.
  • The doom was unique and curious.
  • For each event is essentially unique and incomparable.
  • It is a unique and most efficient means of defence.
  • One not merely, but unique and one-sided.
  • Our text is unique and noteworthy for one salient fact.
  • A remedy, both unique and effective, was at length devised.
  • The side porch was unique and most picturesque in its design.
  • Of that unique and incomparable collection not a vestige remained!
  • And in a few weeks my unique and single glory was snatched from me.
  • The arrangement of the two lessons is both unique and skilful.
  • The effect was beautifully unique and suggestively semi-tropical.
  • It is unique and one of the most valuable examples of its art in the world.
  • There is no rival to dispute with her, her unique and peerless position.
  • A guide stated that it was unique and made very long ago by an unknown people.
  • An eye witness describes this scene as one unique and singularly magnificent.
  • For the truths are unique, and may have shadows and types, but no analogies.
  • Think for one moment of our great Cathedrals, unique and wonderful.
  • His position is unique, and I doubt even if you can appreciate it.
  • It's unique, and it takes Jamie to tell it well.
  • Reisenauer's attitude toward the piano is unique and interesting.
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