United In A Sentence

How To Use United In A Sentence?

  • All united in calling it sweet and good.
  • Destitute stocks should be united to others having queens.
  • Filaments united to one another and to the disc.
  • With these we took a united haul at the rope.
  • We shall at least be a more united family than we are now!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For United | United Sentence

  • Styles united at base.
  • But what is become of her who united them all?
  • Chrysanthemums united readily.
  • Styles united to the middle.
  • Multitudes united with them in supplication.
  • Shall we not be united in thought?
  • With their united wisdom.
  • They are now united and at peace.
  • Italy was not a united country.
  • We are united by a common bond.
  • Ageratums united upon each other with difficulty.
  • By that time we shall all be again united here.
  • And they united their thoughts and breath.
  • Their life is more united and more wholesome.
  • Fate has united you when all pointed to separation.
  • The family was united only by religion.
  • The two are united in no other nation.
  • Then the moon will again be united with the earth.
  • Henceforth we are united in a common cause.
  • There was an united yelp of delight.
  • How are the ribs united to the sternum?
  • Leopold and all the neighboring nobles united their forces.
  • Four united with the church in the last year.
  • Let us see what our united fortunes will do.
  • Gillian was silenced by the united forces of the aunts.
  • Ventral fins united into the form of a funnel.
  • In 1866 they were united under one government.
  • Peppers and egg plants united with each other reciprocally.
  • To-morrow she will be united with the saints in communion.
  • Stocks united by them, 375.
  • Our united love goes to you and stays with you.
  • Whose hopes united banish our despair.
  • In fear and in joy we united our praises.
  • They united in a petition for a divorce and obtained it.
  • Twenty miles off it united with the line of the sky!

Definition of United

(chiefly Britain) any of many football teams formed by the amalgamation of smaller ones
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