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Definition of Universe

The sum of everything that exists in the cosmos, including time and space itself. | An entity similar to our universe; one component of a larger entity known as the multiverse. | Everything under consideration.

How To Use Universe In A Sentence?

  • A little whim of will to be free gallantly contending against the universe of chemistry.
  • We have shown that the highest good of the universe required the creation of such beings.
  • Do you believe that he would have even suspected that the creator of the universe was talking?
  • He lived in a different universe from the dreams of scientific construction that filled my mind.
  • Its function is to convert the facts of the universe to the best advantage of the Ego.
  • If the Universe have these savage accidents, our atoms are as savage in resistance.
  • No statement of the Universe can have any soundness, which does not admit its ascending effort.
  • In these times the Universe was seen as it reeled and smiled, content with the pleasures of being.
  • But in the universe thou canst not find A space sufficing for ten happy men!
  • We care not that that individual is a fact which the universe has been slowly manufacturing for millions of years.
  • In that one night she seemed to have put the whole universe between her and the old order that he represented.
  • That man will pass a delightful half-hour in thinking upon the scheme of the universe as it affects himself.
  • The system of the moral universe not purposely involved in obscurity to teach us a lesson of humility.
  • The system of the moral universe not purposely involved in obscurity to teach us a lesson of humility.
  • We must admit that he is just as much a fact of the universe as a shower of rain or a storm at sea that swallows a ship.
  • The first is that scheme of fatalism which rests on the fundamental idea that there is nothing in the universe besides matter and local motion.
  • Every solid in the universe is ready to become fluid on the approach of the mind, and the power to flux it is the measure of the mind.
  • His tone implied that he had the universe at his disposal, and he also looked it as he tipped back his swivel chair and regarded them.
  • The weight of the Universe is pressed down on the shoulders of each moral agent to hold him to his task.
  • He, to whom the world was prostrate, the universe were slaves, longed for an amorous captivity and sighed for chains.
  • And, to enrich the worship of the ONE, A Universe of Gods must pass away!
  • A breath of will blows eternally through the universe of souls in the direction of the Right and Necessary.
  • If they had the universe in hand I know they would take down all the trees and put up stamped tin green shades and sunlight accumulators.
  • And while God was speaking the entire universe trembled, the peaks of the mountains bowed down, and men shivered with fear.
  • Hence, when friction occurs, when the facts of the universe cease to be of advantage to the Ego, the fault is in the machine.
  • And if so, are not the order and harmony of the moral universe as worthy such an exercise of his omnipotence as are the regularity and beauty of the material?
  • Nowhere in the universe was one who equaled in beauty his sister Helen, the beautiful Helen with silver tresses.
  • The universe might make itself, or come into existence without any cause thereof, and hence we could never know that there is a God.
  • Was the Lord God compelled to take a part of the man because he had used up all the original "nothing" out of which the universe was made?
  • Man was seeking to grasp the universe under a single form which was at first simply a material element, the most equable and colourless and universal which could be found.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Universe | Universe Sentence

  • His house is the universe for him.
  • The sun were insipid, if the universe were not opaque.
  • The Universe simply was.
  • The moral character of the universe had been signally vindicated.
  • An elderly man came to me to show me how the universe was created.
  • The man that stands by himself, the universe stands by him also.
  • Vishnu, the active, traverses the universe with three strides.
  • They felt that the weight of the Universe held them down to their place.
  • Or is there nothing in the universe of God but mere body and local motion?
  • Abruptly one's confidence in the solidity of the universe disappears.

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