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  • All the universities chuckled and stood on tiptoe.
  • Athletics in the universities in 1870, 26.
  • He received distinctions from many universities and learned societies.
  • Oxford and Cambridge were not at first Universities of Colleges.
  • Mother of Universities of Europe" is due to Bologna.

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  • Nearly all our other colleges and universities are subject to the same comment.
  • Should the universities be allowed to use men in their graduate schools as members of their teams?
  • As imparted in the universities and schools, it savored strongly of medievalism.
  • The influences contributing to the rise of universities were numerous, and in many cases obscure.
  • If these Universities were destroyed, they would not be destroyed as Universities.
  • But when Goethe died, in 1832, the universities of Germany had reached their prime.
  • Many other universities were soon established upon the models of Bologna, Paris and Oxford.
  • And what are the facts about the playing of such men in the universities in which your students would be interested?
  • They were the forerunners of the universities which began to take form at the end of the twelfth century in those cities.
  • Here and there in the universities and in the schools some teachers began to whisper that the days of slavery might be soon over.
  • Without a thorough discipline in this, our schools and universities give but a showy and superficial training.
  • The universities and the newspapers, working singly and in collaboration, turned them out by the dozen.
  • The natural result was a reaction against the conduct of the government, and the universities became permeated with socialism.
  • The rising universities had gifted scholars whose abstruse speculations have never been rivalled for acuteness and severity of logic.
  • To the stability and prevalence of the education thus begun is the establishment of the universities of Europe attributable.
  • He had come down from one of the Universities not long ago, and was now charged with the reformation of society.
  • One university college has made a venture into home science, and other universities would soon be at work if the necessary money could be secured.
  • Well-known professors of many Western universities and colleges have spoken and written in favor of equal suffrage.
  • The history of mediaeval universities is profoundly important, not only for students, but also for administrators, of modern higher education.
  • One of the text-books prescribed for the universities was an atheistic work by the English materialist Bentham.
  • The second, then, would be sent to one of the universities in order to follow a profession such as that of physician, lawyer, or clergyman.
  • For this conference no denominational lines were drawn, it being felt that all colleges and universities should be interested in this important work.
  • For to a surprising degree the daily and hourly conduct of university affairs of the twentieth century is influenced by what universities did six centuries ago.
  • The words of one who is himself a leading professor in one of the most renowned universities are so explicit upon this point that they deserve to be translated and carefully studied.
  • Our universities ought to be the greatest centers of historical learning, and as a people we should feel ourselves called upon above all other people to know the world.
  • The tendency of universities has ever been to breed cliques and secret societies, to produce embroideries and start hothouses of specialized feeling.
  • But some memories of one of our most important universities will better set forth the habits and customs of the joyous student-life than farther wearisome generality.
  • The greatest doctors, lawyers, and scholars of the western lands of Europe had often been educated at schools or universities in France.
  • This is what the old Universities in their noblest aspect really are; and this is why there is always something to be said for keeping them as they are.
  • The whole discussion is based on my personal observations at no less than one hundred universities and colleges in thirty-eight states during the past five years.
  • All the Universities belonged not to one nation but to Latin Christendom, the educated population of which circulated among them.
  • If Indian students at the old Universities are only to know each other or foreigners, how are they to be bound by a loyal attachment to England?
  • It is in our great universities that anything like it is to be found, but even here we find that it exceeds in number the entire teaching staff of even our largest technical institutions.
  • Oxford began at this time to acquire fame and to rival the foreign universities in the ability of its professors and the multitude of its members; in the year 1340 they amounted to 30,000.
  • The theological opinions and peculiar rites of one religion never can be properly taught in universities founded for the purposes and on the principles of another which in many points are directly opposite.

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plural of university
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