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How To Use Unjustifiable In A Sentence?

  • Lastly, never should an unjustifiable delicacy weaken the rigor of these rules.
  • In my sober frame of mind then I rather disapproved of my wholly unjustifiable murderous intent.
  • It began by William using his money in what I thought was an unjustifiable way.
  • Memory returned to these worthy people, and with it a certain shame for their unjustifiable agitation.
  • His conduct was so manifestly unjustifiable that no one took his part, or defended him in the slightest degree.
  • This was a horrible and unjustifiable expedient, but who amongst us would have the cruelty to put it into execution?
  • What is unjustifiable in God's sight, is without a possibility of justification in the universe.
  • It seemed in every way the result of bad generalship, of an unjustifiable disposition of troops, and of a series of gross and incredible errors.
  • It woke me in the night and wasted me; I had wild thoughts such as men have in the grip of an unjustifiable passion.
  • To confess the truth, I myself had already reflected that it was an unjustifiable act to take you away from your good mother.
  • An illegal and unjustifiable extent issued, at the suit of the Crown, against one of the civil officers.
  • At the first meal of the day, even in the most orderly households, an amount of freedom is allowed, which would be unjustifiable at any other meal.
  • The anti-abolitionists presented a memorial to Government, urging therein its unjustifiable interference with the religious usages of the country.
  • It was a perfectly unjustifiable thing for Uncle John to do, this taking him into his own house and nursing him.
  • Only by avoidance of spending money on what is needless or unjustifiable can we legitimately keep our income to the point required to meet our needs that are genuine.
  • So far as we have been able to learn, only one authentic case of alleged unjustifiable experimentation has been brought forward by the supporters of the bills.
  • Considering how much she had done, and suffered, and sacrificed for his sake, it would be extreme and unjustifiable cruelty in him to forsake her now.
  • Then he said, "I am afraid I am very hasty, my dear, and say very unjustifiable things.
  • Nothing else but the desire for uniformity can account for this unjustifiable addition; for there can have been no intention of hanging bells in the lantern when there were already two western bell-towers.
  • The advertising manager entered, his plump cheeks sagging into lugubrious and reproachful lines, speaking witnesses to a sentiment not wholly unjustifiable in his case.
  • At the present time an agitation is on foot against this restriction, which, though reasonable enough among traffic and in towns, appears unjustifiable in open country.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unjustifiable | Unjustifiable Sentence

  • The use of one is as unjustifiable as the other.
  • Germany made a colossal and unjustifiable blunder.
  • Here was an unjustifiable mode of putting an end to diplomacy!
  • It was a violent and utterly unjustifiable exercise of brute force.

Definition of Unjustifiable

That cannot be justified, excused or pardoned.
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