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How To Use Unjustified In A Sentence?

  • But any such doubts are unjustified in regard to the symbols given by true occult schools.
  • But this figure is now seen to be an ideal, like the rest unjustified by chronicle or by fact.
  • Joe's hope leaped ahead to supper, unjustified as the flight was by the day's developments.
  • This comes close to the assignment of marks of failure for penalizing purposes, which is unjustified and vicious.
  • Helena, her eyes fixed on a letter where the words all flickered, was anxious to what might seem an unjustified extent.
  • Our persons are in an unjustified state by nature; we deserve to be damned ten thousand times over; and what must our performance be?
  • I declare to you that I have been disconsolated at receiving from you such a reproach which is absolutely unjustified . . . .
  • Its unjustified persecution of Walker to serve the spite of a money-lord forms one of the darkest stains on our national history.
  • But nothing in history can be surer than that this ultimate judgment upon evil does not necessarily involve the defeat of all unjustified military undertakings.
  • The reproach that has been made from time to time that these enterprises were confined to a small clique of confidential persons and firms seems to be unjustified by the facts.
  • The war was a war of deliberately planned aggression, entirely unjustified either by the attitude of Russia or the disposition of the Ameer.
  • Young men were so intolerably self-opinionated now-a-days, she declared, that no doubt General Dorrien had not been unjustified in what he did.
  • There are scarcely any tolerable novels to justify its prohibitions; its prohibitions do, in fact, remain unjustified amongst these ugly suppressions.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unjustified | Unjustified Sentence

  • This conception is unjustified and inadmissible.
  • But the faults of persons who were unjustified by this ideal, were odious.

Definition of Unjustified

not justified (in any sense)
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