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  • He was a man with unkempt hair and an expressionless face.
  • The camp was left to the girl and her unkempt guardian.
  • Each room presented a tumbled, unkempt appearance.
  • All were terribly unkempt and slovenly, and all were in tatters.
  • He found his native city more uncouth and unkempt than ever.
  • At the office they found an unkempt dirty looking individual.
  • She was a pretty child for all her sunburnt face and scanty unkempt attire.
  • Nearly everybody, particularly children, was unkempt and seemed underfed.
  • Along the track, from out of the hills, ran four unkempt human figures.
  • In spite of his bulging ribs and unkempt coat Chieftain almost envied him.
  • His unkempt appearance and bare feet contrast with the neat dress of Mary.
  • On the doorstep, whittling, sat a bearded, unkempt farmer with a huge frame.

How To Use Unkempt In A Sentence?

  • Anse studied his own unkempt if now clean reflection in the shaving mirror on the wall.
  • His mount was a plains-bred pony, as wiry and unkempt and enduring as himself.
  • The men were for the most part large and swarthy, unkempt of hair and ragged as to clothes.
  • Suddenly a wild, unkempt figure rushed from among the crowd and into the royal assembly.
  • The land is barren wears straw wisps as an unkempt man might razor stubble.
  • There were none of the approved revolutionary paraphernalia, no unshaven faces, nor unkempt hair.
  • Meanwhile Sidney was daily assuming a wild and unkempt aspect that he could not possibly avoid.
  • The man, a weather-beaten sailor, with an unkempt grey beard, looked him straight in the face.
  • At 4.30 the unkempt couple staggered in with the first urn, and I took my post at the tap.
  • Bent, toothless, with unkempt hair and clawlike hands, she looked the picture of a Witch indeed.
  • His feet are bare, his dull eyes stare, And the wind plays freaks with his unkempt hair.
  • Despite a stubble of beard and unkempt hair, she instantly recognized him as the missing bridegroom.
  • He was dirty and ragged and unkempt as he entered the room in which his comrades were assembled; but what did they care?
  • Neither by look or gesture did he express the slightest surprise at seeing an unkempt and none too clean foreigner in the room.
  • Polly, holding a handkerchief to her nose as they passed a dreadful hovel where unkempt children played and fought.
  • He had read the service to the lounging, unkempt congregation, he had prayed over them, he had preached at them.
  • I was not surprised, therefore, when we found ourselves in a room full of bad hats and unkempt heads.
  • Barrows then went to the cookhouse, where the unkempt individual that was to act as bearer was waiting, and gave him his final instructions.
  • He shampooed his unkempt head vigorously and allowed himself to forget all worries, wallowing in the sheer joy of being really clean again.
  • Haggard faces, unkempt hair, and beards showed that these sons of the soil had had a trying time on shipboard.
  • The old man who came shuffling slowly down the path was gaunt with the leanness of want, and unkempt with the squalor of the hopelessly pauperized.
  • He has found a thing of art among the unkempt and the disorderly; he has found a thing of life and love amid the cold and the insensate.
  • I also read in your dim eyes, your unkempt beard, and your dishevelled hair corroboration of your claims to intimacy with adversity.
  • She was a wild passionate child, feeling bitterly the neglect with which she was treated, her ragged clothes, her unkempt appearance.
  • His unkempt elf-locks were more wild, his uncleanly linen more disordered, his eye more bright and restless, than of yore.
  • In a circle around him lay his dogs, their heads resting on their paws, their unkempt coats the colour of earth and autumn-leaves.
  • It always seemed like an affront put upon Garrett if she allowed any one to see her looking unkempt and untidy.
  • It was brilliant, with black eyes under a tangle of dark hair disordered but not unkempt like that of the females he had seen in Misery.

Definition of Unkempt

(of hair) Uncombed; dishevelled | (by extension) Disorderly; untidy; messy; not kept up | (figuratively) Rough; unpolished
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