Unknowingly In A Sentence

Definition of Unknowingly

Without awareness, without intent.

How To Use Unknowingly In A Sentence?

  • There was a concerted sigh, as those who had been unknowingly holding their breath breathed again.
  • These the poor madman fancied afterwards were charms by which he had unknowingly sold himself to the devil.
  • For it was but logical that she would seek a divorce on the ground that she had unknowingly married a fugitive from justice.
  • Dick had allowed himself to become entangled; all unknowingly Mother had expressed the matter in a nutshell.
  • Perhaps, upon the whole, good honest dullness does unknowingly inflict more grievous wounds than the barbed satiric tongue.
  • An offence against my god unknowingly have I committed; an offence against my goddess unknowingly I have wrought.
  • And yet, with all her ingenuity, Mrs. Eddy has to admit that if a man took arsenic unknowingly it would probably kill him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unknowingly | Unknowingly Sentence

  • Brook shrugged unknowingly and smiled as he delivered a quick-witted answer.
  • That's the woman we unknowingly let sleep beneath this roof!

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