Unlatched In A Sentence

How To Use Unlatched In A Sentence?

  • There was an unlatched rear door and he entered a dark rear hall and put on his infra-scope.
  • Agnetta advanced slowly to meet her with the empty basin in her hand, and unlatched the gate.
  • It was almost ten o'clock at night when she unlatched her shanty door and kindled a fire.
  • I just unlatched it, and returned for my burden, carefully adjusting spoon and basin on the road back.
  • Of mission architecture, when they had entered through the unlatched screen door they found decoration and furniture of the same mission style.
  • After a while she extended one foot a trifle and, with the point of her shoe, carefully unlatched the oven-door.
  • But to Bowles the big house was the natural place to go, and he unlatched the gate and mounted to the gallery without a tremor.
  • He unlatched it; we passed through into a tiny garden, trim as tiny, pretty as trim, and enchantingly after my own way of thinking.
  • It was so that Doctor Keltridge found him when, an hour later, he came marching in at the unlatched front door.
  • This done he walked over the moor to The Croft, opened the unlatched window, entered the house and replaced the borrowed document.
  • It did not take him long to find the window he had left unlatched that afternoon, but it was an anxious moment till he made sure that no one had noticed it and that it was yet unfastened.
  • It is triangular in shape, and is opened by a spring-bolt that can be unlatched by pulling a string which runs through a tiny hole pierced in the framework of the door of the adjoining room.
  • Later it became evident that there were a number of people somewhere in the house, because, now and then, the porter unlatched the door and drew the chains to let out some swiftly walking man.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unlatched | Unlatched Sentence

  • Slowly she moved toward the unlatched door.
  • She was smiling to herself as she unlatched the door and opened it.
  • Why, you've unlatched your blooming big toe.
  • Alice, blushing slightly, unlatched the garden gate, and went down the path.

Definition of Unlatched

Of a gate, etc, not latched, or that has been unlatched. | simple past tense and past participle of unlatch
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