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  • Altogether, he was strangely unlike himself.
  • How unlike the Lady Macbeth!
  • She was looking very pale, and unlike her usual bright self.
  • At such times he would incivilly reply, quite unlike former days.
  • Mrs. Haines was sufficiently unlike him to account for one part of the rumour.
  • So the Romany girl, unlike the Roman, is generally doll-less and toy-less.
  • His profile, coming to a point in a reddish tuft, looked not unlike a goat's.

How To Use Unlike In A Sentence?

  • Yet she had certain mental characteristics which were entirely unlike most women.
  • Edith now did a thing she had never done in her life before and which was entirely unlike her.
  • Yet a means so horrible as well as so awkward and ineffective seemed unlike mountain outlaws.
  • The bread was made of sago, which is obtained from the trunk of a tree not much unlike the palm.
  • The country Gray was riding through was very unlike the level pastures he had lived on for months.
  • He, unlike later reformers, passed all his working days in the Post Office service.
  • The habits of the Irish College were strikingly unlike those of either Oxford or Cambridge.
  • To quiet me, Josephine bought on the Pont-Neuf a little dog not unlike the Tarbes specimen.
  • Then he was carried off, expression so unlike that of a human being that the less hardened shuddered.
  • The two diaphragms of each instrument are kept drawn towards each other because their unlike charges attract each other.
  • If so, what will be her sensations on finding that the handwriting is utterly unlike that in which all her letters had come to her.
  • The individuals at the extremes of divergence in one race of men are as unlike as the wolf to the lapdog.
  • The mystery and the revelation are as unlike each other, as the grossest superstition is unlike reason.
  • This was not greatly unlike the sound which had so recently affrighted my own ears; but then owls rarely cry in the daytime.
  • It was all so beautiful, so unlike the scene on which his eyes had closed, that he could not believe it to be real.
  • He, unlike his predecessor, strove especially to make the library as much as possible accessible to the public.
  • This generosity was very gypsy-like, and very unlike the habitual meanness of the ordinary Egyptian.
  • There was a stern, defiant expression in her face, very unlike my ideal of feminine charm and lamb-like meekness.
  • I showed you several letters in his hand, and they, you admit, are utterly unlike the ones you received.
  • Both lamps burned sweet oil with a wick, and each had a chimney of horn, not at all unlike a modern lamp-chimney.
  • It would not have been easy to find two men so essentially unlike in every respect as these two, who now sat discussing their punch after dinner.
  • Nevertheless, unlike her father, she was never unaware of the difference between pretense and reality, nor of the fixed line dividing them.
  • He had, unlike the many in his peculiar service, lived cleanly and with wisdom and foresight: he had saved both his money and his health.
  • Beldi heard his daughter sobbing, and a bitter feeling began to fill his breast, a feeling not unlike a nascent desire of vengeance.
  • The scene apparent on going on deck after breakfast was splendid, and unlike anything I ever saw before.
  • Scoresby remarks that the front part of the head of the young walrus, without tusks, when seen at a distance, is not unlike the human face.
  • She was thinking of some excuse to get away when Ada began to speak with a curious whine, quite unlike her old manner.
  • He seems to be assuming a character unlike the glorious Burschenschaf of Germany, he has no character of his own.
  • Many violations of this rule (as the first three below) arise from faulty arrangement; others (as the last) from the use of unlike constructions.
  • Then along and afar, till we met a woman, decently enough dressed, with jet-black eyes and hair, and looking not unlike a gypsy.
  • The Iroquois, unlike many of the roaming western tribes, had their settled villages, with lodges and fields of grain to defend from invasion.
  • The market had gone well of late, and Mr. Creamer's moods were not altogether unlike the mercury.
  • This would not have caused me to notice him here but because it is necessary the community should be warned that, unlike a good many of his contemporaries and comrades, he is not an extinct volcano.

Definition of Unlike

Not like; dissimilar (to); having no resemblance. | Unequal. | (archaic) Not likely; improbable; unlikely.
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