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  • Let me unload one right now.
  • Get ahead there and help unload those refrigerators.
  • Ships are able to load and unload close to the quay.
  • You stay here, and unload them fish in the dory.
  • That was when I managed to unload every chamber.
  • You Curlytops can eat while Sam and I unload the boat.
  • Speculators rushed to invest and unload their investments at a profit.
  • They didn't want to unload the game in the snow.
  • Did you ever know a wealthy disciple to unload on account of that verse?
  • It did not take the old farmer long to unload his barrels of potatoes.
  • I engaged to unload eggs, and it looks as if the job was finished.
  • At last at the end of ten days, they began to unload the vessel.
  • It is getting late, and we shan't unload to-night.
  • We have come down very quickly, and hope to unload to-night, 9.30.
  • In front of the Casino there is a sort of bank, where they unload the boats.
  • We shall probably not unload to-night, and I am to be called at 2 A.M.
  • We have just got to B., and are going to unload here at 8.30 A.M. Must stop.

How To Use Unload In A Sentence?

  • Sometimes they were obliged to unload their boats, and to carry them round by land.
  • Had a storm come on when we were upon it, we must have stopped to unload the animals.
  • Then we resumed our way to Barcelona where we were to unload some of the wheat we were carrying.
  • I will give you a vessel, in order that you may load it and unload it, buy and sell.
  • How could he find dock labourers willing to load and unload his ships for "starvation wages"?
  • Commodore Leonard lost his one chance of the year to unload that white elephant of a house.
  • I now knew what it was to work hard; I was made to help to unload and load the ship.
  • We are on our way down now, and shall probably unload at B. No time for more now.
  • We had to choose between waiting for them to disgorge passengers and unload luggage, or get out at a distance from the entrance.
  • We had desperately hard work, for the cattle became so weak that we had to unload at nearly every donga.
  • The elephant's work was to pile heavy timbers in the lumber yard, and to help unload the ships.
  • The time necessary to load and unload is too great for short routes, although they are well calculated for long passages.
  • And in that case it would be reasonable to blast me before I could land and unload some fighting men.
  • As soon as the enemy heard of submarines anywhere he could always send the ships new orders by wireless and unload at another port.
  • Why, because she is dressed in silk and gauze, should you think that you are compelled to unload your stale compliments on every unfortunate girl?
  • He helped the man to unload and re-load; the poor man blessed him for it, and he blessed the poor man.
  • I have been thinking that hundreds of people have been waiting for the stock to touch $500, and when it does, they will unload and break it down.
  • And in that case it would be reasonable to blast me before I could land and unload some fighting men.
  • It left port so heavily laden that it was necessary to put back into harbor to unload part of the merchandise, so as to be able to make the voyage.
  • She cared very little whether her boat rode the wave or sank, so it could unload the gold and gems it carried on the sand of the world she loved.
  • With a large package on his back, he got so wedged amid the rocks that he could move neither forward nor backward, nor yet unload himself.
  • When passengers are carried on freight trains Rule 12 says the car in which they are riding must stop at the platform to unload them.
  • On the platform stood some Zouaves waiting to unload the passengers, while others cleared the barraques and helped the feeble to the ambulances.

Definition of Unload

(transitive) To remove the load or cargo from (a vehicle, etc.). | (transitive) To remove (the load or cargo) from a vehicle, etc. | (intransitive) To deposit one's load or cargo.
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