Unmasked In A Sentence

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  • Then he let himself go, with unmasked bitterness.
  • Deeper within, an unmasked actress, she said.
  • An officer in the cutter was rising and upholding an unmasked lantern.

How To Use Unmasked In A Sentence?

  • The searchlights had been unmasked and were directed towards the narrow gap in the coral reef.
  • Then suddenly Sally stood before him, unmasked and looking more fascinating than ever.
  • On which Diva unmasked her last gun, and told him that she had ordered a crab on purpose.
  • They tangle themselves up in a series of low intrigues and are finally unmasked as one and all poor miserable sinners.
  • The unmasked outlaw slewed his head, to see the president of the bank firing from the door of his private office.
  • His eyes rested upon her daringly, their ardor for a fleeting instant unmasked as the other girl turned away.
  • He preferred to fight by retreating, and if pursued, generally unmasked his guns and made massacre with the scattered opponents.
  • He unmasked himself, dragged the police agent aside, and breathless, half-hysterical, acquainted him with the astounding discovery.
  • And, when a thought would unmask our soul's masking, Itself goes not unmasked to the unmasking.
  • At a signal, they raised a yell, unmasked them, fired one volley, and seemed to make another rush at the works.
  • He himself unmasked also, and, handsome as he always undoubtedly was, I think never saw him appear to such advantage.
  • The Britons and the Germans seemed not to heed; but now and then the American school-marms unmasked the charlatan.

Definition of Unmasked

No longer masked (from which a mask has been removed) | simple past tense and past participle of unmask
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