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  • Nor was this a singular and unmatched day.
  • It is absolutely unmatched in the world of trees.
  • Nowhere was there a larger assortment of odd and unmatched letter paper.
  • The sidewalk presents a moving panorama unmatched for richness of color.
  • It can be constructed of matched stuff or unmatched stuff covered with paper.
  • The original text contains several instances of unmatched quotation marks.
  • On page 301, in the item 390, the unmatched quotation marks were corrected.

How To Use Unmatched In A Sentence?

  • The unmatched closing quotation mark on page 167 is presented as in the original text.
  • For three days the thing goes on, and for racket and babble it is unmatched in the countryside.
  • Such a restricted distribution for a distinct species of trees is unmatched in the annals of botany.
  • This can be constructed of tongue and groove material or may be made of unmatched stuff and covered with paper.
  • Yet it should be remembered that both these men were soldiers all their lives, and that they stand practically unmatched in modern history.
  • He had an almost unmatched combination of common sense with poetic imagination, of knowledge of the world with knowledge of letters.
  • The emotions, the tender sentiments he has described with such a magical pen, he felt himself with an unmatched keenness.
  • There was no delay, to introduce him to a lady, for he went out in a group of unmatched men, without this appendage.
  • The cups were unmatched and chipped, the knives were in all stages of decrepitude; the teapot was of dirty tin, with a damaged spout.
  • Immediately below us, a little to the right, embosomed in the mountains, lay the unmatched beauties of Glengarriff.
  • In its transmission love is the agent, and Aphrodite, unmatched in beauty and mother of love, was a creation worthy of their devotion.
  • In their opinion the wild tang and the indescribable piquancy of flavor in jellies made from this fruit are unmatched by those of any other fruit that grows.
  • There was now no more any question of foolish and sluggish soldiery to elude, but a man of experience and, as I knew well, of unmatched subtlety.
  • The flow of boudoir Billingsgate in Lady Wishfort is unmatched for the vigour and pointedness of the tongue.
  • The wisdom, the prudence, the holiness of the "great Liberator," were extolled as unmatched in the annals of statesmanship.
  • The most striking evidence of the pathetic and unmatched endowment and experience is that, while circumstance dictated that he should be a romancer, no facts in his own life could be used as his material.
  • It is easy to understand why the hotels became the scenes of elaborate gaiety unmatched even in New York, Boston or the older communities.

Definition of Unmatched

(of a pair of things) not matched; odd | (of a single thing) not matched with anything else | peerless; unrivalled; beyond comparison
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