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  • It was an unparalleled scene of destruction.
  • Gresham was a man of unparalleled energy and ingenuity.
  • Not unless an unparalleled change had occurred in me.
  • The troops had shown an unparalleled ardour and energy.
  • All Quodlibet is in a state of unparalleled disorder.
  • This appears from the unparalleled success he hath met with.
  • To-day England sees herself in a situation unparalleled in her history.

How To Use Unparalleled In A Sentence?

  • You are certainly an unparalleled master in lucidly stating a case and in arguing.
  • Yet she one day exhibited an amount of intelligence absolutely unparalleled in my experience.
  • An unparalleled coincidence, but one which now strikes me as a most powerful proof of innocence.
  • Shortly after passing this fort, a sight of unparalleled grandeur broke upon us.
  • The Internet makes copying cheaper and does so on an unparalleled global scale.
  • It was suppressed by acts of cruelty and horror unparalleled even in the Balkans.
  • The beginning of the unparalleled catastrophe was on the morning of April 18, 1906.
  • The sugar of Cuba is the finest in the world; but in Cuba, slavery is unparalleled in its horrors.
  • And indeed, Brindley had scored, this time, over the unparalleled card of the Five Towns.
  • She experienced an almost unparalleled reverse of fortune, but that reverse was sudden and complete.
  • I have brought over with me across the sea certain of your relations who have been guilty of the unparalleled crime of lese-majesty.
  • Both seals and whales have powers of assimilating food and making fat that are unparalleled even by pigs.
  • Our existence as a people and as a State is now threatened by an unparalleled combination of forces.
  • History is larger than morality; and a wise man will not attempt to pass judgment on those who found themselves in so unparalleled a position.
  • The following anecdote is another unparalleled instance of humanity, and the moral precept of returning good for evil.
  • Only one of the party has succeeded in accomplishing this unparalleled undertaking, three having fallen victims to hunger and disease.
  • Moreover, his conduct was fully in accord with his principles; otherwise his following could not have maintained their unparalleled loyalty to him.
  • They administer it, we will further assume, with an efficiency and honesty unparalleled in the bad old times of our lawyer politicians.
  • First, the awful outpouring of a human soul in its last depths of anguish, now a shout of unparalleled joy and thankfulness.
  • On that day the venerable cathedral was profaned by a series of sacrilegious outrages unparalleled in the history of Christendom.
  • If, in this position, there be much to excite wonder, there is still more for gratitude in the unparalleled opportunity which it affords.
  • At length the devoted garrison was relieved from a situation of suffering, peril, and privation almost unparalleled in the annals of war.
  • Instead of that he and his subordinates, both officers and men, were subjected to an unparalleled course of meanness, trickery, and fraud.
  • Rose Euclid was still the unparalleled star, the image of grace and beauty and dominance upon the stage.
  • Opposed to the Huns was a chain forged of the finest steel, every link in which met the test for equal and unparalleled resistance.
  • The draperies had tickets, proclaiming unparalleled bargains, on every piece; the whole stock seemed displayed outside and in the doorway.
  • Gardiner and Bonner, who opposed the reformation with unparalleled bitterness were only deprived of their sees and sent to the Tower.
  • The conception of a British War which involved the entire manhood of the nation was new, and unparalleled in past history.
  • In all his aerial battles he had never been wounded, passing unscathed through the most formidable encounters by reason of his unparalleled skill at maneuvering.
  • The reference is to the "Examiner"; nor is there any mention of Providence having wonderfully preserved him from some unparalleled attempts.
  • Our deforested areas are great and growing, but of even more peculiar significance is our unparalleled opportunity for making them quickly profitable to the community.
  • Every ruler now participating in this unparalleled conflict has proclaimed his desire for peace and denied responsibility for the war, and it is only charitable that we should credit all of them with good faith.
  • In accordance with the spirit of these views, opportunities for instruction are provided, and means of self-education are multiplied, to an unparalleled degree.

Definition of Unparalleled

Having no parallel; without equal; lacking anything similar or worthy of comparison.
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