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  • What an unpretentious autobiography!
  • He was an unpretentious sovereign.
  • The hut was a small and unpretentious structure.
  • The appointments are of the simplest and most unpretentious kind.
  • This extra clothing was as unpretentious in style as the dwelling.
  • A plan, unpretentious in all its details, formulated in his active brain.
  • St. Alban's Church is an unpretentious building at the north end.

How To Use Unpretentious In A Sentence?

  • And he rolled his eyes in apparent awe at the magnificence of that unpretentious market-town.
  • His unpretentious household gods were very dear to him, dear as they are sometimes to women.
  • Miss Trumbull is blessed by a most delightful and unpretentious gift of story-telling.
  • Even the most unpretentious houses in Pompeii have in them the remains of staircases (Fig. 44).
  • Can even an unpretentious book of this sort be written without some attempted treatment of the same?
  • From a most unpretentious and unpromising beginning its evolution has been an unbroken record of phenomenal progress.
  • The wainscot and woodwork throughout the house was unusually good for such a small and unpretentious structure.
  • The older furniture has been supplemented with modern pieces of straightest and most unpretentious line and character.
  • Then the visitors' car drew up before an unpretentious looking house just off the main road.
  • Not the least service this unpretentious volume will accomplish is the gathering together of these little-known jewels.
  • The two boys were sitting on a narrow balcony that projected from the second floor of a neat but unpretentious boathouse.
  • Xanthippe used to go to see them sometimes, but the sight of their unpretentious happiness made her even more miserable.
  • They are plain, unpretentious folk, for the most part, who do these things and say little about them.
  • The unpretentious chapel was small and nearly dark, for the usual dimness was increased by the lowering clouds outside.
  • We see the neat and unpretentious hat from under which appear the serious brow, and the eyes always bright and intelligent.
  • It was a small and unpretentious house that perched on the hillside beyond the lake, but the room the men entered was comfortably furnished.
  • We alight at a small unpretentious station, the terminus of this railroad, and walk a short distance to the beach.
  • Many of the older houses have an unpretentious charm about them, with their antiquated bow-windows and wide oak staircases with twisted balusters.
  • This, coupled with his native kindness of heart, and his unpretentious manners, makes him the model employer.
  • All the really great people I have ever met are unpretentious and absolutely charming to work with.
  • Driving up to the small and quiet-looking doorway of a very unpretentious building, George descended and knocked.
  • The sight of her unpretentious portrait does not tell one whether she was rich or poor, a humble member of the middle classes or a great lady.
  • These eight fairy stories show much imagination, a pleasant unpretentious style, and a fine sense of form.
  • When you shall observe it to be ornamented with a certain unpretentious blue jar, you will know that I am once more at home to you.
  • Jack halted the dogs before the very unpretentious structure that was inappropriately designated the Grand Hotel.
  • They had an unpretentious home on the North Side, and such entertaining as they did was on a modest scale.
  • These fairy tales retold for children from the "Jataka" are narrated in a simple style which is unpretentious but effective.
  • It is the seat of the government, and is a simple, unpretentious town, situated in the centre of the little Republic.
  • I like the folks, the plain, ignorant, unpretentious folks; and the youngsters that come and slide on my cellar-door do not disturb me a bit.
  • Next door to the house we occupied stood a low-roofed, unpretentious dwelling, white as an old-time clipper ship, with bright green blinds.
  • In nearly every town or village of importance the Prince has a house, varying considerably in size, but of equally unpretentious exterior.
  • There were a number of unpretentious Hindu temples, and the Maharaja is said to be quite punctilious in his observance of religious forms.
  • He is extremely entertaining, and then he understands the world, and I like to hear him talk, he is so unpretentious and uses just the right words.

Definition of Unpretentious

Simple, humble, not pretentious, plain.
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