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  • That was the unquenchable fire of the war.
  • This unquenchable fire of freedom had had its effect.
  • You will sooner or later come to the unquenchable fire.
  • In one month only Nature lights her unquenchable lamp.
  • That roaring is the unquenchable flame that has burned therein through ages.
  • American women support these vicissitudes with a calm and unquenchable energy.
  • Of this came unquenchable hatred, and in the end the ruin of his house.
  • He has a real zest for business, an unquenchable thirst for making money.
  • The unquenchable ardor of the bird lover, so called, fills me with dismay.
  • Why did He so often speak of the deathless worm and the unquenchable fire?
  • Ignatius too speaks of "the unquenchable fire" (Ep. to Ephesians, 16).

How To Use Unquenchable In A Sentence?

  • It more than equalled all the descriptions which he had read of unquenchable love.
  • But he had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a determination to get on in the world.
  • Indomitable persistence, unquenchable faith, unyielding honour stamped his character.
  • The dying eyes glared into mine; then the lids shut forever upon that unquenchable hatred.
  • Only hate, only terrible, wild, unquenchable spirit to live long enough to kill me!
  • With regrets, and yet with unquenchable hope for these Islands, I embarked for Australia.
  • So much did the inactivity and slothful condition of that state displease his unquenchable and restless spirit.
  • The nobler his heart and the more unquenchable his hunger for the high and the good, the sooner will he find that out.
  • Once more the unquenchable fire of undying devotion to his hero glowed in the young man's eyes.
  • It is in virtue of this unquenchable impulse that the world, in spite of all the misery that is in it, continues to struggle on.
  • What were ten years of imprisonment and anguish, to eternal ages burning with the unquenchable fires of remorse!
  • Like his hairbrained, unquenchable youth, bright with folly, the sunsets and vanity lay in the past.
  • There is a lust, however, the unquenchable lust for gold, which seems to arouse the dullest from their apathy.
  • From the joyous, unquenchable youth in him bubbled snatches of song and friendly smiles scattered broadcast over a world that pleased him mightily.
  • This account may not be historically true, but it represents the unquenchable spirit of Judaism in face of the disaster.
  • The divine spark is undying, and though circumstances may smother the flame it enkindles, it glows in the bosom with unquenchable fire.
  • The unquenchable fact remains that the next day he spent the afternoon with Ann and found no scruple in displaying himself a budding lover.
  • She has nothing left but her unquenchable pride, with which she tortures herself: her pride not to submit, not to cry out, to stand always at bay.
  • In his youth at Amboise his passions still slumbered, but when they did awaken, they burst forth with an unquenchable fury.
  • Why," with a sudden burst of his unquenchable buoyancy, "we might have been married two years ago and saved all this trouble.
  • Then she revoked heavily herself, and the Contessa, so far from being angry with her, burst into peals of unquenchable merriment.
  • Truly it has been proved that with this, as with a certain other unquenchable penchant of humanity, when you suppress a score of professionals you create a thousand zealous amateurs.
  • He called down the vengeance of heaven on the miscreants, and not daring to show himself, with unquenchable ardour preached the holy crusade to the women who surrounded him.
  • The love which devours life itself, which devastates the present and desolates the future with unquenchable and raging fire, has nothing less pure in it than flame or sunlight.
  • Although age has lined her hands, and put deep furrows in her brown cheeks, her unquenchable will to overcome handicaps has held her body erect and shoulders undrooped.
  • He saw behind both the urge of the inevitable, unquenchable desire of human beings for happiness; for the happiness that comes only when men have sufficient leisure in which to expand their minds and souls.

Definition of Unquenchable

That cannot be quenched.
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