Unquestioning in a sentence

Definition of Unquestioning

Believing without question; having absolute loyalty | Naive.

Short Example Sentence for Unquestioning

  • 1. Wilfred nodded in unquestioning compliance.
  • 2. An unquestioning force of will supported her.
  • 3. They admired the same china and the same people, with unquestioning unanimity.
  • 4. It was a time when unquestioning faith held the minds and beliefs of men.
  • 5. His eyes opened, and were fixed upon her with a blank, unquestioning look.
  • 6. With a persistence brutal and unquestioning they continued to howl, "Open!

How to use Unquestioning in a Sentence?

  • 1. From the first she assumed an attitude of unquestioning confidence in his wisdom and taste.
  • 2. How often have lives been saved by the mere instinct of unquestioning instantaneous obedience!
  • 3. He was always ready to believe every word the cavaliere uttered with unquestioning faith.
  • 4. Automatically, he acquires habits of obedience, is reduced to an unquestioning machine.
  • 5. Like many seafaring men, he was deeply religious, with the unquestioning faith of a child.
  • 6. The unquestioning habit of our minds goes even farther than Mr. Dobbs suggests.
  • 7. On the Continent of Europe his novels are everywhere read, with an eager, unquestioning delight.
  • 8. U the Unquestioning Faith of the some, V is the Vaudeville, where they all come.
  • 9. She obeyed him mutely, with a submission as unquestioning as that of the rough crowd in front of them.
  • 10. He who is sensitive to life can hardly survey this universal human struggle with undimmed eye or with unquestioning faith.
  • 11. The failure to command personal devotion, unquestioning loyalty, was one of his chief personal misfortunes.
  • 12. Which is the most important teaching of the story: the importance of an unquestioning faith and obedience, or the needlessness of human sacrifice?
  • 13. Then, with unquestioning obedience, but with many lamentations, the people returned to their daily work.
  • 14. Her words of love and hope, her serene and unquestioning confidence, uplifted him as nothing else could do.
  • 15. Lavendale could but admire the sinner now, as he had admired him ten years ago, only with a less unquestioning idolatry.
  • 16. So quiet and unquestioning had been her acceptance of his plan that he did not suspect the struggle waging there on the bank between girlish modesty and grim necessity.
  • 17. But when she had seemed to forget that interrogative attitude toward life, he had settled down to unquestioning content in knowing he had the best housekeeper in the neighborhood.
  • 18. The same unquestioning pluck that impels an officer in leading his men on the field of battle prompted this careless enterprise, with the miserable result we have recorded.
  • 19. That arrogant spirit of incredulity, which rejects facts without attempting to investigate them, is in some cases almost more injurious than an unquestioning credulity.
  • 20. He submitted to it all with a perfect unquestioning simplicity, never even knowing that he suffered, that he must suffer disintegration from the old life.
  • 21. From unquestioning childhood she had passed to that stage in a girl's life when the emotions leap past the brain, fretful of the latter's plodding pace.
  • 22. She had lived away from home a good deal since the death of her mother when she was very young, but her father had always been indulgent, and she had cherished an unquestioning confidence in him.
  • 23. David, who had only seen the hysterical, fanaticism of frontier revivals now for the first time encountered the sincere, unquestioning piety of a spiritual nature.
  • 24. Independence of thought and action, free discussion of all principles, and the recognition of the relativity of all truths, succeeded to unquestioning subservience to ancient formulas and customs.
  • 25. If she could, would she exchange her actual room at home, for this, even to have again all the unquestioning trust in everyone and everything of the child who had died in her heart?