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  • I do not undertake to unravel these knots.
  • He just seems to unravel things out of it overnight.
  • Soon we unravel the flimsy web of this strange craft.
  • Did curses ever unravel a tangled skein?
  • I wish someone would unravel this entanglement.
  • Nobody could hope to unravel the lines of his ancestry.
  • Well, well, time alone can unravel this snarl.
  • We cannot unravel the infinite complications of matter and force.
  • I prefer to allow events as supplied by others to unravel the skein.
  • If anyone on earth can unravel a mystery, my sub-inspector is the man.
  • Lord Kames boldly cut the knot which philosophy had failed to unravel for him.
  • An attempt to unravel the tangled threads of Indian faith must be made.
  • As you say, we won't begin by tearing the net; we'll unravel it.
  • As Keith's brow puckered in the effort to unravel the mystery, she nodded.
  • Hurd, if anyone, will unravel the mystery," and Sylvia agreed with him.

How To Use Unravel In A Sentence?

  • Only a personal teacher can help him unravel the good from the bad, the true from the false.
  • He showed the necessity of learning, in order to unravel and explain the truths of revelation.
  • I feel once more that it is my destiny to unravel this black mystery; myself, by my own courage.
  • And yet, if we unravel this somewhat incomprehensible phrase, we are struck with its simplicity.
  • It does not unravel the mystery of the beginning, brings us no nearer to the first creative force.
  • The hostess, though she may not be able to unravel the mystery, should be gracious and attentive.
  • Caius could not unravel this, and yet, deep within him, he knew that there was consistency in it.
  • General Ramsay immediately arose from the table to investigate, but failed to unravel the mystery.
  • I never laboured hard to unravel them; but time took up the work, and I was patient.
  • Once I could unravel the meaning of night fancies, but it hath been long since I tried my skill.
  • All the fervor was rekindled with which he had burned of yore to unravel the threefold mystery of his fate.
  • Nelka was seeking by herself, trying to unravel the questions which bothered her through her own thinking.
  • She had a knack of setting herself to unravel problems which required explanation in the most common-sense way.
  • Ronny sank down into one of the chairs recently occupied by the other two agents and tried to unravel thoughts.
  • It is no part of our purpose to unravel the tangle of ecclesiastical and civil politics in which the proposed emigration had now become involved.
  • Can the theosophists unravel this mystery, or see aught in it that verges upon the mystic philosophy?
  • Honora had found it impossible to unravel the tangled skein of their relationship, and to assign a definite amount of blame to each.
  • The influence of Scriptural traditions on the myths of various nations it is probably impossible to unravel satisfactorily.
  • To make a strong fine line, unravel a good silk handkerchief, and twist the threads into a whipcord.
  • It is this very state, perhaps, that ages the hearts of the hardiest of the explorers who seek vainly to unravel the polar mystery.
  • I determined to try to unravel the clew; and the gold, too, lent an additional motive to the search.
  • Fortunately, both were mere children, and the knot would unravel itself without perplexities that maturer love would have involved.
  • And as I sat staring out, it suddenly came to me what fun it would be to try to unravel the whole mysterious affair all by myself.
  • It is now all over, and we can never, by our conjectures, unravel the mystery; let it rest; go, seek repose.
  • In a week or two it will have forgotten its mother and there will be no troublesome memories in after life tempting it to suspect and try to unravel a mystery in its fate.

Definition of Unravel

| (transitive) To separate the threads (of); disentangle. | (intransitive) (of threads, etc.) To become separated; (of something woven, knitted, etc.) to come apart.
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