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  • Have I not unraveled the scheme correctly, Eglamore?
  • But you've unraveled this in a masterly fashion!
  • Renwick had only unraveled the thread to see how far it would lead.
  • A delicate, feminine odor brought him to earth, unraveled his tangled wits.

How To Use Unraveled In A Sentence?

  • These he had unraveled with the aid of Farnsworth, the attorney for the estate.
  • And yet, in the heart of the metropolis, at the same hour, crimes have been perpetrated whose mystery has never been unraveled to this day.
  • Then the observer, if he were wary, might catch occasional glimpses of puzzling scenes, mysteries of bird life that could not be unraveled because he did not see the whole.

Definition of Unraveled

(American spelling) simple past tense and past participle of unravel
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