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  • Had Goritz used the servants of Baron Neudeck in unraveling the secret of the stolen plans?
  • We could bring to its unraveling little of the scholarly aloofness and academic calm of most white universities.
  • It was true he had made another step in unraveling the problem, but he did not see that it helped him much.
  • But those who are curious, and are adept at unraveling statistics might learn more than a little by studying the export figures relating to ivory during the years that preceded the war.
  • The love-sick and sentimental had no charm for him; but he sought rather the abstruse and mysterious, bending all his energies to the comprehension of the one and the unraveling of the other.
  • So Cynthia began at the beginning and told how they had first found their way in, and had then become interested in unraveling the mystery of the old house.
  • And this Clif did; and when he had completed the task it was found that the most important work he had done that night, was in securing that shell and unraveling its mystery.

Definition of Unraveling

(American spelling) present participle of unravel
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