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  • You have cut the knot, instead of unravelling it.
  • But Trevisa succeeded in unravelling it.
  • We got thread by unravelling the cotton canvas of some provision bags.
  • I'll stay here and assist Dangloss in unravelling this matter.
  • He is engaged in unravelling the manner and cause of poor Alan's death.

How To Use Unravelling In A Sentence?

  • Editorial speculation was added, but this afforded no clue to the unravelling of the mystery.
  • Perhaps I might have served in unravelling this unhappy tangle of misunderstandings.
  • Distraction, and the unravelling of the plot against the most treasured secret of the Fatherland.
  • But the situation was changed now, for in such unravelling Nashby was clean counted out.
  • But it would please them to think they were at least doing something towards the unravelling of the mystery.
  • This inquiry is made in the hope of unravelling a genealogical difficulty which has hitherto baffled all endeavour to solve it.
  • After a good deal of unravelling and pulling, we got them all out of the net, and proceeded onward with our cargo.
  • A sense of indignity and wrong might drive many a man to turn away at such a juncture, and leave to the future the unravelling of the plot.
  • Among men, or older persons, there was a kind of comparison of opinions and reasons, not aimed at victory but at unravelling the truth.
  • Eleanor took the silk, which was in pretty thorough confusion, and began the task of unravelling and untieing, preparatory to its being wound.
  • When you see this Hornby case worked out in detail, you will be surprised to find how large a part you have taken in unravelling it.
  • But for all their subtlety they are stamped with a certain simplicity which makes their consideration essential in unravelling the complex relations between characters of more perceptive insistence.
  • Wallace was the senior inspector of the service, and his special faculty was the unravelling of tangled accounts and the detection of defaulting managers and cashiers.
  • She was almost consumed with curiosity, and as they turned their backs on the cottage the chance for unravelling the prince mystery seemed lost to them.
  • Well then, the Major has come, my dear Cleek, to ask you to help in unravelling a puzzle of singular and mystifying interest.
  • I found them as before, and where they were before; nor did they appear to have reached the goal in unravelling the old questions, nor had they added one jot of a proposition.
  • It would have been difficult to find two men more generally well informed, and less capable of comprehending or unravelling the complicated tissue of a business matter.
  • Hereupon the little girl picked up the puckered remains of her luckless grey stocking which a facetious young cat had spent at least a quarter of an hour in ingeniously unravelling with his claws.
  • In studying their pictures our eyes alone become tired; and, though we succeed in unravelling the involutions of their pictures, there is for us no recompense of emotional satisfaction.

Definition of Unravelling

(British spelling) present participle of unravel | The act of becoming unravelled
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