Unrelenting in a sentence

Definition of Unrelenting

Not relenting; having no pity; not being or becoming lenient, mild, gentle, or merciful

How to use Unrelenting in a Sentence?

  • The body, instead of being the unrelenting despot, then becomes the docile and useful servant.
  • And what are we, that we dare to cherish this exclusive horror, this pitiless, unrelenting scorn?
  • No knowledge taught by unrelenting years, Can quench this fierce, untamable desire.
  • Bethink thee, Hassan, where shall thirst assuage, When fails this cruise, his unrelenting rage?
  • She knows well it cannot be because of her injustice to him at the Point that he is unrelenting now.
  • But the vices which a long and unrelenting slavery had burned into the character of the country, remained.
  • He has time on his side, unrelenting time which kills of its own strength, by the mere fact that it is time.
  • He made his faith the dearest thing a man could have, to be defended unto death in the face of the most unrelenting persecution.
  • Injured feelings were nourished, and opinions concerning his conduct and manners grew harsh and unrelenting the instant his back was turned.
  • He likened it to a man-made fury, wherein pieces of human body would be blown about with the same unrelenting indifference.
  • But in the dying light he looked up, and in the fierce unrelenting face, made the more sinister by its foppish furniture, he read his doom.
  • The Doctor had driven him into it, had simply persecuted him with an unrelenting spite: and his thoughts were bitter and black and revengeful.
  • The loads were heavy; fatigue seized the shrinking flesh, but the unrelenting will, trained in such adventures, mercilessly spurred it on.
  • Twenty days the unrelenting seas have tossed me up and down coming from Ogygia, and at length cast me shipwrecked last night upon your coast.
  • But the unrelenting hours that grind us in our places, With the burden on our backs, the smile upon our faces.
  • Only take the fancy of a wealthy man, or woman, and he might say good-bye forever to frugality: to his whole life of unrelenting poverty.
  • Already in her tenderest youth the seeds of rebellion and unrelenting hatred of oppression were to be planted in the heart of Emma Goldman.
  • In this no account is taken of the fact that there would be no need of so unrelenting a prohibition by law and morality if there were any natural reliable guards against the temptation of incest.
  • The Buchanan faction everywhere waged unrelenting war on Douglas, both in public discussion and in the use of official patronage.
  • As the day advanced, the soldiers on both sides suffered terribly from that fierce, unrelenting heat in which America rivals India.
  • Clarke's forbidding, unrelenting face, looming darkly at Kate's side, was revealed to her in a new and most unpleasant light.
  • He took himself severely in hand, and set himself to unrelenting work, fixing his attention on the matters in hand as if he would drive a nail through them.
  • Brown died with unshaken fortitude and, bitter as the animosity against him was, his courage or rather his stoic indifference elicited the admiration of even his unrelenting enemies.
  • She would have obliged the chief of the magi, who was old and gouty, to dance before her; and on his refusal, she persecuted him with the most unrelenting cruelty.
  • But never had a severe and unrelenting policy failed more signally, and a partial consciousness of the fact annoyed him like a constant stinging of nettles which he could not brush aside.
  • He possessed the intrepid courage and dash of a Sherman, the unrelenting firmness of a Grant, and the tenderness of a Lincoln.
  • The battle was renewed on the 14th at daybreak: the unrelenting obstinacy was the same; but the French had taken advantage of the night to collect and fortify themselves.
  • Though often an unrelenting critic of the Administration, he struck from the first a note of studied moderation and restraint to which most of his political friends attuned their utterances.

Short Example Sentence for Unrelenting

  • Deaf still remained the unrelenting fay.
  • A man after all is so much more unrelenting than a woman.
  • The flaring of the torch lighted his solemn and unrelenting face.
  • To oppose his wishes or his schemes was to provoke unrelenting hostility.
  • All struggles for general liberty were crushed with an unrelenting hand.
  • No maelstrom is more unrelenting in its grasp than is that of Society.
  • Man is, however, the most unrelenting foe of this inoffensive animal.
  • Her large, her solid, her unrelenting books lay upon every table.
  • In foreign affairs, it made him an unrelenting foe of the Turkish tyranny.
  • Say, will not ye endeavour to unlock The stern lips of our unrelenting sire?
  • Charles II. pursued the murderers of his father with unrelenting fury.
  • By the wild Indians' fierce and unrelenting hate; VI.

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