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  • They stand unrivaled as the very acme of musical art.
  • Viewed from without it is unrivaled for stern picturesqueness.
  • What a master in this science is the unrivaled Eliphalet Fox!
  • Angela had always been, and was still, the unrivaled beauty of Seddon Hall.

How To Use Unrivaled In A Sentence?

  • We can but faintly indicate what the reader may look for in this unrivaled book.
  • It is unrivaled in elegance, for every line of its contour is a study in grace.
  • It occurs to me that I suggested that this school afforded unrivaled opportunities for repose.
  • The unrivaled French opera is in season, the forcing house of that bright garden of exotics.
  • At her unrivaled cottage home he had been the honored guest to whom she had paid her undivided attention.
  • His long experience in politics and in diplomacy with his natural shrewdness had made him an unrivaled manager of men.
  • What else could this fragment be but the sole surviving remnant of some sumptuous mansion that once had stood on this unrivaled site?
  • The dazzling effect of this home of the feast, was intensified by cascades of light from the two unrivaled chandeliers.
  • That faint speck is a nebula, unrivaled for interest by many of the larger and more conspicuous objects of that kind.
  • Thus, with all his vivid imagination and unrivaled powers of description, the turn of his mind is essentially contemplative.
  • The vinegar so produced is of good strength and color, of the highest keeping qualities, and of unrivaled flavor.
  • Industry, cunning, and fraud have toiled with unrivaled exertions to convert man into a savage and the world into a desert.
  • That he could love him personally with such fondness, but be blind to his splendid and unrivaled genius, is utterly beyond my power to account for.
  • The plumage of the cuckoo is a rich glossy brown, and is unrivaled in beauty by any other neutral tint with which I am acquainted.
  • Coal has already been found; cotton, of a quality unrivaled in the whole world, is every where a weed, and might be cultivated to any extent.
  • The report states: He possessed an unrivaled influence and was looked up to as the uncrowned king of the West.
  • The subjects for the illustrations were posed in costumes of the nation and time in which each story is set and are unrivaled in rich color, lively drawing and dramatic interest.
  • All his published lithographic sketches are of the greatest value, wholly unrivaled in power of composition, and in love and feeling of architectural subject.
  • The subjects were posed in costumes of the nation and time in which each story is set, and are unrivaled in rich color, lively drawing and dramatic interest.
  • This unrivaled periodical is now in its sixtieth year, and, owing to its ever-increasing popularity, it enjoys the largest circulation ever attained by any scientific publication.
  • Fresh from the mint of his mind fell the clinking, golden coin of universal value, bearing the glowing stamp of his genius, unrivaled in the annals of time.
  • As the aloe is said to flower only once in a hundred years, so it seems to be but once in a thousand years that Nature blossoms into this unrivaled product and produces such a man as we have here.

Definition of Unrivaled

(American spelling) beyond compare, far surpassing any other, unparalleled, without rival.
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