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  • This House which has stood unrivalled for centuries?
  • It is unrivalled among the statues of Spain.
  • They attract by their own charm, and are unrivalled in popularity.
  • The slash forms an unrivalled opportunity for displays of color.
  • The magnificence remained unrivalled in the history of royal conferences.
  • Cling to this unrivalled parent, who has dedicated her life to you.
  • They attract by their own charm, and are unrivalled in popularity.
  • He was, in his own time, considered as of unrivalled excellence.
  • He was a beautiful horseman, an unrivalled shot, and as a scout unequalled.
  • The line of the cheek and chin are here, as usual, of unrivalled beauty.
  • No rival grief my mind can share, For thou shalt reign unrivalled there.
  • Marlborough and King James's spaniels are unrivalled in beauty.

How To Use Unrivalled In A Sentence?

  • You paid me proportionately to the terrible risks and for my unrivalled knowledge.
  • The west front and the painted glass windows in the aisles are of unrivalled beauty.
  • The fishes are perhaps unrivalled for variety and beauty by those of any one spot on the earth.
  • It would be impossible to speak of half the gems of art contained in this unrivalled collection.
  • But we do know that there are several in the gang, and that one at least is an unrivalled workman.
  • Birmingham, too, is unrivalled in the world in the application of art to metal work.
  • History is being made every day and heroism is displayed, unrivalled in any previous conflict.
  • The unrivalled excellence of English woollen cloths was made manifest at an early period.
  • The United States have flourished, unrivalled in commerce, fifteen or sixteen years.
  • The department of antiquities is in some particulars unrivalled for the number and value of the articles it contains.
  • The secret chamber is unrivalled even by the haunted house for the mystery and romance surrounding it.
  • His unrivalled brilliance of expression blinds us to the extreme and conscientious industry that provided matter.
  • They provide almost unrivalled copy for photo reproduction, and can therefore be applied to a variety of purposes.
  • The cargoes, in this instance obtained, did not correspond with those which had hitherto claimed for him an unrivalled superiority.
  • With this unrivalled material and splendid series of gradations, paleontology has constructed many stages in the past history of the globe.
  • Until the Major's unrivalled first descent in 1869 the river was equally unknown.
  • Here was a find, too good to be lost, a high tower on a mound visible from afar and unrivalled by any equally picturesque claimant.
  • It is rich in every branch and department, unique in some, scarcely surpassed in any, and unrivalled in all taken together.
  • Bugatti was a genius, unrivalled by any other man of his age, and very few of any other age, and his tragic death is a great loss to the art world.
  • The Greeks had an unrivalled talent for doing what they saw others do, in a much better way, and so making it their own.
  • It possesses unrivalled opacity, and as a "blocking-out" agent frequently plays an important part in colour printing.
  • The laughter of Comedy is impersonal and of unrivalled politeness, nearer a smile; often no more than a smile.
  • But though Turquan has raised numerous points in her disfavor, they are not at all likely to detract from her unrivalled reputation for beauty.
  • It had always seemed to me that the French were absolutely unrivalled in such things as "Mlle.
  • They then proceeded to Mahidhara consecrated by that virtuous royal sage Gaya of unrivalled splendour.
  • It is to be hoped that the unrivalled advantages of Milford Haven will ere long be turned to better account.
  • The shores are bordered by splendid villas, while perhaps the most lovely spot on it is Bellagio, built in an unrivalled position.
  • This is the site Alexander selected from his wide dominions, and which Napoleon pronounced to be unrivalled in importance.

Definition of Unrivalled

(British spelling) having no rival; better than any possible competitor
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