Unroll In A Sentence

Definition of Unroll

(transitive) To straighten something that has been rolled, twisted or curled. | (intransitive) To emerge, be revealed or become apparent; to unfold. | (transitive, programming, software compilation) To replace (a loop in a program) with a repetitive sequence of the individual instructions that the loop would carry out, sometimes used as an optimization.

How To Use Unroll In A Sentence?

  • The wrappers unroll to a degree that varies perceptibly as between the different hotels.
  • At midnight as they watched the squaws unroll her blankets, he touched her shoulder.
  • Who would unroll these charred manuscripts, and who could possibly read them when unrolled?
  • Here, if anywhere, will the human hedgehog unroll himself and deign to be companionable.
  • Shabaka, why do you seek to peer into the future, which from day to day will unroll itself as does a scroll?
  • You unroll your blankets at the foot of a stately tree at night, unconscious and careless as to what tree it is.
  • She gave a wistful little sigh, and began to unroll the kitchen apron she had brought under her arm.
  • We may conceive beings who perceive phenomena in a retrograde order, and see them unroll themselves from our future to our past.
  • He has dug out the wide and rapid beds where the waves of the days, let loose, unroll themselves in their order.
  • Ideas are not mirrors, they are weapons; their function is to prepare us to meet events, as future experience may unroll them.
  • On every side the ferns, curled up all winter in their dormant sleep, unroll their spiral sprays, and reach out for the welcome sun.
  • Almost every soldier could watch Santa Anna unroll before them the vast and glittering panorama of his army.
  • Charley began to unroll his pack, while Lew gathered up a few twigs and made a cone-shaped little pile of them close beside the great rock.
  • To make my bed, therefore, became a very simple operation: lay down a buffalo robe, unroll the sack, and the thing was done.
  • A chill nipping wind long since had caused the boys to unroll the rubber ponchos strapped to the back of their saddles, and drape them over their shoulders.
  • I obtained leave from the chief of the synagogue to draw the curtains of one of these tabernacles, and to unroll one of the books, which appeared to me to be written in a hand exceedingly neat and distinct.
  • Phantom-land awakes, and mingled with the shadows of the trees and bushes that lazily unroll themselves from trunk and branches are the darkest of shades, that impart to the forest an atmosphere of dreary coldness.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unroll | Unroll Sentence

  • This done, we began to unroll the wrappings of the holy corpse.
  • Lay it on a table or bed, the inside downward, and unroll the collar.
  • He could unroll his own past, but not Esther's.
  • And a new heaven and a new earth seemed to unroll before the girl's eyes.

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