Unschooled in a sentence

Definition of Unschooled

Not schooled; not having been to school. | Inexperienced; not having developed skill or knowledge in some area. | simple past tense and past participle of unschool

How to use Unschooled in a Sentence?

  • It is a means of imparting a knowledge of scientific facts and principles to unschooled minds.
  • One woman cries out for instant easement if in pain or distress, unschooled to endure.
  • Much of it she saw was due to the shyness that unschooled men feel in the presence of college men, or those who have been trained.
  • All unseasoned and unschooled in the ways and business of a battlefield, he had found himself that day in the sand dunes before Fort Fisher.

Short Example Sentence for Unschooled

  • He tried, and found Mary as unschooled as himself.
  • Lest some fair Lydia cast her spell Round him unschooled in female guile.

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