Unseeing In A Sentence

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  • Abraham stared at him with unseeing eyes.
  • He had been looking at the glass with unseeing eyes.
  • Ferguson looked upon the world with unseeing eyes.
  • Rosie marched on with unhearing ears, unseeing eyes.
  • At last he could allow that fixed unseeing gaze no longer.
  • He lay quite still, staring upward with unseeing eyes.
  • Her eyes were open now, but set in a fixed, unseeing stare.
  • Mr. Flint stared at the mountain with unseeing eyes.
  • Mr. Ducksmith went his pompous, unseeing way.
  • Mr. Hearty gazed at Bindle with unseeing eyes.
  • His eyes were on the cylinders in an unseeing contemplation.
  • Rosina went back to the window and her unseeing contemplation of the outdoors.
  • Drew changed the subject quickly to break that unseeing stare.
  • He let the pony have the rein as he looked ahead with unseeing eyes.
  • He sat alone and looked with unseeing eyes at the weeping god on the altar.
  • His lips were drawn tightly together, his eyes were set in an unseeing stare.
  • That One unseen by unseeing eyes became real to him and then more real.
  • Almost could I have climbed back again, unseeing and ashamed.
  • He stood with his eyes fixed unseeing upon the floor, asking: Whom?
  • But Mrs. Hilbery was either completely unseeing or determined to appear so.
  • Creek lay Thomas Smith, scowling with unseeing eyes at the fast clearing sky.

How To Use Unseeing In A Sentence?

  • Billy shuffled the postcards with absent hands and stared down at them with unseeing eyes.
  • He gazed at the spot where she had disappeared, with blank face and unseeing eyes.
  • Then he lighted a cigarette and sat with folded arms, unseeing eyes on the newspaper.
  • He grasped the rail, as if for support, looking off with unseeing eyes into the night.
  • He stood like a figure of bronze, staring with unseeing eyes to the far horizon.
  • He did not go to her but stood by the window, the image of despair, gazing out with unseeing eyes.
  • He looked out of the window, looked with stern, unseeing eyes upon the passing people.
  • He sat for the most part like one dazed, and watched the others in a vague, unseeing way.
  • He made no answer, but stood holding the gate open and blinking at us with dull, unseeing eyes.
  • Van Horne laughed, as her eyes remained fixed on his face in a blind, unseeing stare.
  • He endured as seeing Him who was invisible to the unseeing eyes of the crowds at His side.
  • Only the soft, unseeing heaven of June, The ghosts of great trees, and the sleeping flowers.
  • With unseeing eyes he walked across Trafalgar Square and made his way to his club in Pall Mall.
  • And so she stood with unseeing eyes for the grand panorama of bay and shore that was unfolding before her.
  • After reading through the letter two or three times, he stood for some minutes staring before him with unseeing eyes.
  • Thaine ended with a sigh, then he shut his teeth grimly and stared at the unceasing downpour with unseeing eyes.
  • Suddenly a thought came to him that stopped him in the trail, his unseeing eyes staring down into the dark chasm of the river.
  • She had seen with unseeing eyes young girls given in marriage; she had no question but that a like fate was in store for her.
  • Edgar looked at the gentle creatures with unseeing eyes, though he appeared to be listening to the prattle of his companion concerning them.

Definition of Unseeing

blind | Not aware of what is visible.
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