Unsmiling In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unsmiling | Unsmiling Sentence

  • She saw an unsmiling profile.
  • But they were curiously unsmiling in response.
  • He looked calmly at the young man with his unsmiling eyes.
  • Up in the gallery one man sat with an unsmiling face.
  • Her unsmiling mouth, too, was a narrow slit.
  • The smiling actor and the unsmiling youth looked at each other.
  • The omnibus was full with an unsmiling family, but we were crushed in.
  • Her mother's bedroom lay cold in an unsmiling order.
  • But one look at her unsmiling face and shadow-touched eyes convinced him.
  • Tribourdeaux bowed stiffly, his face unsmiling and a little pale.

How To Use Unsmiling In A Sentence?

  • Four or five men approached him from the shadows of the freight houses, ugly, unsmiling fellows.
  • She gazed into his unsmiling eyes a moment, then turned to Lou and Perry without speaking.
  • A grim, unsmiling man named Skop was assigned to Jason as a combination guide and guard.
  • Hugh had stepped in behind the footlights and was standing and looking out across them as foursquare and unsmiling as a gravestone.
  • Their ideas of the perfect life were to wear a stern, unsmiling countenance and do those things that were unpleasant.
  • A profound respect for the man permeated society, and in his unsmiling way he was kind to whites and blacks.
  • She was the first to speak, and she did so with a cool, unsmiling demeanor which reminded him of childhood days when he was in disgrace.
  • As cunningly he evaded them, with unsmiling courtesy, his steady gray eyes only seeming to laugh at them behind his green mask.
  • His associates greeted him with a nod, unsmiling and curt, and the elevator-boys at the Pratt building were careful not to elbow him.
  • The Prussian's eyes were raised from the letter and a cold severity looked out of them and shone down upon Vita's unsmiling features.
  • The child on the step regarded their approach with unsmiling eyes, nor did she move except to draw aside her dark stuff skirts and close her knees until they touched.
  • She gave it in the fullest detail, interrupting herself here and there for soft cachinnations, unmindful of the stern, unsmiling silence with which her daughter listened.

Definition of Unsmiling

Not smiling; serious or grave
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