Unsparing In A Sentence

Definition of Unsparing

Without sparing; liberal; profuse; thorough.

How To Use Unsparing In A Sentence?

  • A new, unsparing spasm of labor seized the man in that hour, and he worked unremittingly.
  • She stood frozen in horror under the last hissing, unsparing indictment, then turned and fled.
  • Epitaphs full of theology, wit, and practical wisdom, are strewn around with an unsparing hand.
  • He had expected, by unsparing driving of the dogs, to reach Malamute well before dark.
  • His earnings increased: He sowed with an unsparing hand, and he reaped bountifully.
  • In both it is probable that their unmeasured and unsparing criticism recoiled on the cause which they had at heart.
  • Sassoon's three volumes are the most vital and unsparing records of the war we have had.
  • All that is most abominable in the confessional has been with unsparing and irreverent indelicacy forced before the public mind.
  • He always dealt with himself in this unsparing way; but those who were about him then have left a different story.
  • He painted without sympathizing with his subjects, whom he lashed with unsparing bitterness or humor.
  • The hero is a man of weak and timid character, married to a woman of unsparing energy and resolution.
  • He would force her through the mill of family life; he would place her in a light unsparing and revealing.
  • He treats his former chief with unsparing severity, and very clearly attributes to him all the ferocious acts of the war.
  • So salient a record could not well be without strong contrasts, and of these unsparing criticism took advantage.
  • Why this caution after the above unsparing epithets; are you afraid that some of these misguided, mistaken people will get into your open door?
  • In this last work he let loose the full flood of his merciless satire and lashed the folly and vices of mankind in the most unsparing way.
  • Mark the lamentable scenes that follow, when the pride of inheritance sinks before the unsparing hand of the usurer, or extortionate mortgagee.
  • The unsparing light revealed more ugliness than Katharine had seen in one room for a very long time.
  • We commenced as all happy lovers always do, and we were both unsparing of the mutual proofs of our love, tenderness, and gratitude.
  • The fellow rode hard, unsparing of his quirt, jumping his long-legged horse over rocks and across ravines.
  • He did not attempt to screen himself, he defended Zinka as against himself, with the most unsparing self-accusation.
  • Privations and toil, those two unsparing allies that had made such inroads on his health and strength, seemed fading harmlessly away.
  • Where it is confronted with armed conspiracy, attempt at murder, or rising, it will hurl at the heads of its enemies an unsparing penalty.
  • It is rather odd that two of the ablest American critics should also be two of the most unsparing enemies of romanticism in literature.
  • But those with whom you were associated sounded the retreat, and all that did not follow in their train have been subject to your unsparing epithets.
  • The Pope though bigoted and fanatical was sternly upright, and discovering the crimes of his nephews visited unsparing retribution upon them.
  • He scarcely knew which he dreaded most, the old lady's inquisitive tenderness or Drusilla's unsparing perspicacity.
  • She was certain he would be unsparing in his wrath against Dr. Lacey, and she almost trembled for the consequences.
  • Innocent though he knew himself to be, the Englishman positively writhed under the contemptuous unsparing scorn of the old Pathan.
  • But the Zulu boy, whose turn now came, and who received the same unsparing allowance, took it without movement or sound.
  • For, of course, now there could be no question of The Roman's mortal and unsparing enmity.
  • She kept rules rigidly herself, and had scant patience with those who did not, serving out retribution in her capacity of monitress with an unsparing hand.
  • To-day an unsparing use of steam and canvas forced the ship eight miles further west; we were then about half-way through Bellot Strait!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unsparing | Unsparing Sentence

  • She was unsparing of her time and her devotion.
  • She focused an unsparing vision upon her father.
  • Both were unsparing in the labour they bestowed upon the translation.
  • He was a severe and unsparing taskmaster, and allowed no shirking.
  • At times, however, his temper took the form of the most unsparing sarcasm.
  • And then the honest, unsparing habit of her life with Neale shook her roughly.
  • But the barrister's task required the unsparing use of the probe.
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