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  • It is unstable by nature.
  • The acid is, however, very unstable and cannot be isolated.
  • Violent, tempestuous, unstable is the life they lead.
  • So unstable is it that any disturbing influence will affect it.
  • This route therefore attracted the more unstable elements of society.
  • Their souls were static, it was the world that had flowed unstable by.
  • It wasn't the first time she'd been rebuked for her unstable temperament.
  • He joined the others, using the board to push their unstable float along.
  • In Quito, also, the government of the unstable dictator was overthrown.

How To Use Unstable In A Sentence?

  • It has been cursed with expensive and unstable governments and sanguinary wars.
  • With some appearance of caution he balanced his unstable footing into absolute immobility.
  • It is an unstable compound, decomposing into its elements when heated to a moderate temperature.
  • She picked up the last bead and looked at the unstable baubles in her pink left palm.
  • But science boasts of being in a flux for ever; boasts of being unstable as water.
  • Selfishness, even in its form of self-preservation, is an unstable foundation for a home.
  • She was at best a shifty, unstable creature, how much more so now strained to the breaking point.
  • In short, all the vague and unstable characters of the pure, content-less affective state.
  • Like manganese, chromium forms two unstable acids, namely, chromic acid and dichromic acid.
  • Nowar, the old Chief, unstable but friendly, was determined to keep us there by force or by fraud.
  • Investigation of these strange properties has suggested that the radium atoms are unstable and undergo a decomposition.
  • Owing to the unstable character of the methyl green, this stain deteriorates after about six months.
  • He has not arrived at a precarious and unstable social condition out of a primitive individualism which is the essence of his warlike nature.
  • With regard to the first he argues that the brood of the ungodly is unstable and accursed: better is childlessness with virtue.
  • Steamer acquaintance is a nebulous thing at the best; in that respect, the land is more unstable than the sea.
  • The modern man is in unstable equilibrium, and whatever upsets that equilibrium sends him back through the ages.
  • To the scientific temperament the artistic temperament is unstable and irrational, as the former is dry and ungenerous to the latter.
  • Absolute supremacy was his in the life which he lived, but none knew better than he upon what an unstable basis his power rested.
  • A bunch of about a dozen hair seals have their rendezvous in the unstable waves just beyond the breakers, and keep together there week after week.
  • Analogy, an unstable process, undulating and multiform, gives rise to the most unforeseen and novel groupings.
  • In a few cases, as in radium and uranium, it would appear that this unit is unstable and undergoes transformation into more stable combinations.
  • Now he held back his hand from the knocker, studying the garden with unstable dignity, suppressing a hope that nobody was at home.
  • The voice of truth played over it as the breeze upon the unstable waters, moving it gently for a moment, and then passing away.
  • He pitied the unstable creature beside him; he felt a desire to protect him, exposed without the knowledge which made his own way so direct.
  • It was more important, in this world of persecution and unstable defense, to keep your antagonist busy, cutting gray birches.
  • The Euphrates flows through it with unstable and changing course, between shifting banks which it shapes and re-shapes from season to season.
  • All that is unsatisfying and unstable in the life of the will comes from the desire for things of the possession of which we have formed no distinct concept.
  • I had looked for I do not know what signs of an unstable mind, but at first, save for the eyes, saw none.
  • There are other modes besides the processes of animal life by which the reserved force laid up by the vegetable process in these unstable compounds may be released.
  • All those who know the savages will understand it; it is in the fickle character of these children of the woods, a character more unstable and volatile than that of infants.
  • She was meek and abashed; yet it is not uninteresting to know one possesses an unstable temperament which must be looked after lest it prove dangerous.

Definition of Unstable

Having a strong tendency to change. | Fluctuating; not constant. | Fickle.
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