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  • They were all musicians of unsurpassed talent.
  • A great portion of its soil is of unsurpassed fertility.
  • When the ascent is reached, one has a view of unsurpassed splendour.
  • The view from the top is magnificent and unsurpassed in Europe.
  • Then it seemed to her that Choate did a thing unsurpassed in splendour.
  • Mr. Lincoln had unsurpassed fitness for the task he had to execute.
  • Of pathos Dante has given examples unsurpassed in literature.

How To Use Unsurpassed In A Sentence?

  • Moorish civilisation was unsurpassed for its handicrafts and architectural decorations.
  • In this medium he arrived at a sumptuousness unsurpassed by preceding painters.
  • From mountain tops on the south may be had unsurpassed views of the snowy mountains.
  • In this respect Milton is unsurpassed by any poet in ancient or in modern times.
  • It is said to be unsurpassed in the world in this respect, and only equaled by Australia.
  • It was this new fiction of law that gave the Tudor wars their unsurpassed horror.
  • It was intended to be a model in the arrangement of every part and it is yet unsurpassed in the number of its conveniences.
  • The grave and truthful simplicity of his pictures is unsurpassed among the artistic records of any nation.
  • It is a pity that this family of noble metals is so restricted, for they are unsurpassed in tenacity and incorruptibility.
  • Meantime he acted every night at the theatre, and my friends told me that his acting was of unsurpassed excellence.
  • It is a marvelously entertaining novel, possessing a keenness of wit and humor unsurpassed by any recent work.
  • He had distinguished himself for great sagacity, wonderful powers of endurance, and unsurpassed bravery.
  • The pleasures of courtship are unsurpassed throughout life, and quite too great to be curtailed by hurrying marriage.
  • Their leaders, both lay and clerical, were unsurpassed in genius for argument and at this time outdid themselves.
  • They could defend their own homesteads with unsurpassed heroism, and hold their own mountains and valleys with fierce persistency.
  • But in matters of diplomacy, in the art of comprehending human nature, he was unsurpassed by any prelate of the day.
  • It is a sight of unsurpassed beauty in nature's privacy; but alas, how soon the change!
  • Fortunately for him, a band of riflemen and scouts unsurpassed in skill led the way, and saw to it that the road was safe.
  • A story which will give young readers an unsurpassed insight into the customs of the Egyptian people.
  • There was unsurpassed poetry but no science, ample brawn but diminutive brain, much passion but little love.
  • The flowers yield large quantities of nectar, and honey made near linden forests is unsurpassed in delicacy of flavor.
  • The best works of Chinese embroidery are rarely seen in this country; but these are unsurpassed by the productions of any other people.
  • She was singularly beautiful, and for grace and taste she was unsurpassed in the whole district, and she was intelligent, eloquent, and courageous.
  • Che soave zeffiretto"), which stands unsurpassed for elegance, grace, and melodious beauty.
  • For twenty-seven years he had been absent, that brilliant writer and unsurpassed genius, the versatile Voltaire.
  • The old walled town, on its promontory, must indeed have seemed a gem in an unsurpassed setting in the time of Tennyson.
  • The three daughters were the most aristocratic ladies in the place, at the same time that they were unsurpassed in industry by any of their humbler neighbors.
  • It has no boiler, is safe, economical, started by any one in one minute, occupies small space, and gives an unsurpassed steady, reliable power.
  • May God forever bless the State of Kansas for her unsurpassed humanity and hospitality to our oppressed people in the days of their distress!
  • There is firstly the climate, which for the purpose of cotton spinning is unsurpassed elsewhere, and which became of the first order of importance when fine spinning was developed.
  • That went home; he is the man they all read, the man who has sung the praises of the private soldier with an understanding enthusiasm unsurpassed by any war correspondent in any war.
  • This rubber has come to be regarded as the standard high-grade product with which plantation rubber may be compared, and many manufacturers are still of the opinion that it is unsurpassed by any plantation product.
  • As you know, he is of unusual strength himself, and unsurpassed by any in the use of arms; and his personal courage in war and hunting is of that description that one might call recklessness.

Definition of Unsurpassed

surpassing all others in some way
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