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  • That seems to me an untenable position.
  • They stuck to it well, but it was an untenable position.
  • I have given up all idea of the kind as untenable and indefensible.
  • Calendar surrendered an untenable position as gracefully as could be wished.
  • The whole scheme of woman's life at this present time is untenable and unfair.

How To Use Untenable In A Sentence?

  • On this entirely untenable ground he has been harassed from court to court.
  • I tell you the day will come when an island home is utterly untenable for any great nation.
  • If untenable in finite psychology, that opinion ought to be untenable in metaphysics also.
  • I had been inveigled into that untenable position which I held, and now escape was impossible.
  • An argument which, of itself, is sufficient to prove the untenable nature of Materialism.
  • Of all which, as grounded on mere uncertainties, found to be untenable now, I need say nothing.
  • But this explanation is at once shown to be untenable when the smaller and the larger sacs are proved to be spores or sporangia.
  • Everything that had gone before had pointed to a position so untenable that suicide seemed its natural and inevitable result.
  • An advance is possible only after the opposing trenches have been made untenable by the concentration of artillery fire.
  • The insurgents' positions were eventually made untenable by aeroplane observation and bombing.
  • The cooler archaeologists of a later day have discarded the majority of such theories as untenable in the light of hard facts.
  • Nor could he boast of that skill of graceful concession which enables its possessor to recede without discredit from an untenable position.
  • And why must every bright delightful fruit be forbidden by dull care or justified by flagrantly untenable artifice?
  • Perhaps it was because she knew that Joe was innocent that his accusation appeared so untenable and trivial to her.
  • But the czar kept silent, the city was untenable for winter-quarters, and retreat became imperative.
  • Such a view is untenable to-day; but that hysteria too shows abundant effects of increased suggestibility is correctly indicated by such a theory.
  • On the other hand, the coach should do his best to render the excuse untenable by ensuring proper 'work' at each thwart.
  • The fatal weakness of this argument is, first, that it is based on a complete falsity; and second, that it puts you in an untenable position.
  • But when I was alone, and began to think the trial over, it certainly did strike me as betraying a strange and untenable position.
  • The first works thrown up by the English engineering corps had proved untenable and the French had fired on them with disastrous effect.
  • Hardly had this extreme chemical theory of life been clearly conceived before accumulating facts began to show that it is untenable and that it must at least be vastly modified before it can be received.
  • Should it maintain its present short-sighted and untenable neutrality what has it to gain from England, France, or Russia?
  • You would really command a much better position if you did not regard as characteristic of the sexual that untenable relation to reproduction seen in the perversions, if you replaced it by activity of the genitals.
  • There is, in fact, at the present day no department of science in which the wildest and most untenable hypotheses have blossomed out so freely as in anthropology and ethnology, so-called.
  • At bottom I supposed that he had mistaken another book for mine, and was now getting himself into an untenable place and preparing sorrow for himself and triumph for me.

Definition of Untenable

Not able to be held, as of an opinion or position; unholdable, indefensible. | Unfit for habitation

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