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  • I was with her until just an hour and a half ago.
  • You never saw the place until just a few weeks ago.
  • Press flat with a rolling pin until just one inch thick.
  • Next she walked down the stem until just the end of her body was in the air.
  • The coffin was left open until just before putting into the grave.
  • Stir until well blended and then heat until just below the boiling point.
  • I know that the dear girl was dreadfully short of money until just recently.
  • Her fit of crying lasted a long time and did not cease until just as I entered.
  • You see I never had what you might call a regular house until just lately.
  • He was with her until just before he drove Mr. Carwell to the links.
  • You can't very well put down your goggles until just before the take off.
  • I can't remember much after tumbling overboard, until just now.

How To Use Until Just In A Sentence?

  • This and the triangular piece were not removed until just before the bench concrete was placed.
  • Do not add the gelatine mixture to the fruit whip until just before it thickens.
  • All we can do is to wait until just after sunset, and then take a quick look round.
  • After this his voice was not heard again at night, until just before another death occurred.
  • We never gave any corn until just before littering down, the last thing at night.
  • The village was five miles away, and he had no desire to reach it until just before eleven.
  • In a short time they lay prone on the ground, and wriggled along until just on the crest.
  • Her clasp on his neck tightened until, just before she sat up, it had evolved into a bear hug.
  • He never had dared, until just now, to show his Self to any one except his wife.
  • I went on with my work until just before Christmas, when Herr Harder made me a second proposal.
  • Then he moved to town and worked for the same people in their brickyard until just a few years ago.
  • So that you two children were together not longer than from seven this morning until just before church.
  • He had practised medicine regularly until the age of eighty and continued in excellent health and vigor until just before his death.
  • Seemingly interminable minutes passed, until just as midnight was approaching there came a low whistle through the darkness.
  • He made thousands out of his victims, but they never saw a penny of their money back until just at the end.
  • For this reason, any breeding stock purchased should be secured in the fall rather than to wait until just before the breeding season opens.
  • But after this for many centuries there remains no record of the existence of any such art until just before the Christian era.
  • You can manage this by putting some books on the table for the bowl to rest upon, piling them up until just the right height is reached.
  • No rain had fallen for weeks until just before the opening of the assizes, when there had been three days of damp, cool weather.
  • He turned back into the house without a word, and I did not see him again until just before luncheon.
  • I never knew much or wanted to know much, until just lately, about the workings of girls' minds.
  • The race was to have been run off in the afternoon; but the train was late, and the Brownsvillers did not arrive until just before supper.
  • The long reign of Astyages seems to have been almost undisturbed, until just before its close, by wars or rebellions.
  • Set the cake in a deep aluminum saucepan or stone crock and put in a warm room to ripen, until just before Christmas.
  • Lady Dighton was full of concern and kind offers of assistance, but she said nothing of her cousin until just as she went away.
  • Fred, left alone, spent most of the day in cutting wood and storing it by the cabin door, and the hunters did not return until just after sunset.
  • Such is the scheme of the drama, but after the compact is made we hear no more of it until just before the end of the Second Part.
  • So George didn't see her until just before dinner, or Sylvia, who was upstairs with her.
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