Unto In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unto | Unto Sentence

  • Angels have not ministered unto them.
  • We are bringing unto you.
  • Rembrandt was sufficient unto himself.
  • Once more unto the breach!
  • But he lied unto him.
  • Again he said unto me.
  • Return unto your couch.
  • Then said he unto me.
  • Do what they could unto her.
  • I would they should do unto me.
  • Woe unto them if they disappoint me!
  • I was faithful unto you.
  • David is enough unto himself.
  • But it was so born unto me.
  • Extend your favour unto me!
  • I would do it to her as unto him.
  • Woe be unto him if they found him.
  • And each was unto each a brother.
  • Not discovering them unto them.
  • Beefore your hower unto your orisons.
  • I have come unto thee.
  • And shallbee unto you a sanctuary.
  • He leaves unto his heir.
  • Who wisheth to be like unto you?
  • And the second is like unto it.
  • Is this oath like unto that other?
  • Both of them have been sick unto death.
  • Free to return here unto his own home!
  • Mary ministered unto by angels.
  • Gift thy strength unto me.
  • Who is like unto thee?
  • Then give her unto me for wife.
  • Each man is a law unto himself.
  • He shall say unto you.
  • And unto this he frames his song.

How To Use Unto In A Sentence?

  • Each school was a law unto itself.
  • I should yield unto your prayer?
  • Death becomes life unto both.
  • And there is none like unto him.
  • And his brethren hearkened unto him.

Definition of Unto

(archaic or poetic) Up to, indicating a motion towards a thing and then stopping at it. | (archaic or poetic) To, indicating an indirect object. | (obsolete, poetic) Up to the time or degree that; until; till.
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